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PhillyAccount t1_j5wmkt7 wrote

South Philly, can't see shit when you're coming to an intersection because people park in the crosswalks. Gets worse the farther south you go, at least on the east side.


cpndff93 t1_j5wrrlj wrote

Its lawless once you cross Washington


AtBat3 t1_j5wym57 wrote

And if you get to an intersection with just stop signs people really don’t like to stop! It’s like they really don’t care if they’re about to get in an accident. Then they give you a weird look


Gabagoo44 t1_j5x9nzw wrote

If I arrive the same time at a stop sign, I just let everyone go first. I don’t care anymore about who has right of way. I’d rather not get in accident or deal with road rage.


TheBSQ t1_j5zdv37 wrote

Except when they wanna do the same and everyone’s just sitting there doing the “you go” hand/finger movement to each other.


regcrusher t1_j5y7zk9 wrote

I’ve long ago given up being frustrated driving on Moyamensing below Snyder. Instead now I look forward to it to see how creative the parking spots get


HotPoptartFleshlight t1_j638dey wrote

The trick I've learned down here is to use the reflection of the cars across the street. If there's no one there or they've got an old car without any shine, good luck.