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--jawnday-- t1_j607s3n wrote

I know many people who have worked here and no one had a single good thing to say about their experience, so I’m absolutely not surprised.


crystal0001 OP t1_j60f40c wrote

I used to work there! Owner was hell to work for and was extremely abusive.


cielorossa t1_j60k7my wrote

It's all coming to light - finally.

She and her attorney need to remember that actions bounce back like a boomerang. One cannot bend the fabric of reality without consequences.


Zhuul t1_j60mk4n wrote

“Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.”


SBRH33 t1_j61z1kh wrote

This is one wildly mixed up comment.


skip_tracer t1_j61r75b wrote

this is so disappointing, I had no idea there were these kind of issues and I've been going there since it was opened in the old spot. Sorry you had to deal with bullshit.


pghsonj1325 t1_j619yrn wrote

Unless he was literally beating people “extremely abusive” seems a little aggressive.

He might be a huge asshole or just a dick in general or shit even a criminal based on the above - But let’s not throw around “abusive” so willy nilly


crystal0001 OP t1_j61g1ty wrote

lol shut up


pghsonj1325 t1_j61mwnn wrote

If words are continually misused they cease to have any meaning.


trifflinmonk t1_j62962k wrote

the meaning of words changes over time. I used to get hung up on this when people would say 'indisposed' all willy nilly but if enough people use a word in a way, that becomes the meaning of the word. Indispuesta in Spanish is often used when woman is on her period rather than literally meaning indisposed. Literally no longer has to mean literally. Words change as people see fit.


RufusLaButte t1_j64kcs3 wrote

Like how "begging the question" has evolved past its actual intended usage and has come to mean "raising the question." Which, you know, is natural evolution of language but I also kind of hate it because "begging the question" is specific rhetorical device that can be used pretty deceptively, and I think we still need a name that matches what is actually happening, because the original meaning of the phrase is still very much relevant.


napsdufroid t1_j61nzmp wrote

You don't consider being an asshole to employees and ripping them off abuse?


[deleted] t1_j61oidq wrote



sugr_magnolia t1_j61trmp wrote

Calm down with your armchair psychology, bud.


pghsonj1325 t1_j61wczm wrote

I don't think you know what psychology is. This is a semantics argument. But point received.


T_J_S_ t1_j639kqy wrote

Stealing money workers is just being a dick? When was the last time your employer stole money from you and you had to choose which bills got paid and which ones had to wait?


benjaminpoole t1_j61mfm9 wrote

Me too! One time I almost interviewed for a job there myself until a friend in the coffee industry warned me. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories and honestly I’m surprised they’ve been in business for so long!


sippycup21 t1_j63hjk9 wrote

was gonna say - iconic institution known for being the absolute worst to employees since 2005


3a8rvuaPZ9t t1_j60vz0e wrote

“I had 4-5 really disgruntled employees in a year”

Ya that’s a lot of disgruntled employees for a small coffeeshop.

Reminds me of “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.”


juandonna t1_j610o9k wrote

Lol that was my thought like not sure this is a flex. That sounds like a lot, especially for a place so small.


Little_Noodles t1_j61tpip wrote

I thought the same thing. That’s not the defense you think it is my ma’am.


LFKhael t1_j6054yy wrote

> When One Shot did not pay the full amount and did not respond to the city’s demands for payment, the city placed the cafe on its “Bad Actors” list, which it uses to try to publicly shame employers who refuse to comply with the law.

> “I could have kept going because I had otherwise evidence and records but I’m a single parent and very busy business owner and needed to move on after 1.5 years,” Baruno wrote

Hel-loooo "I am god's gift to humanity" small business owner ego.


dc122186 t1_j60qgfn wrote

LOL how busy could you possibly be. You run a business that closes at 4pm.


gigibuffoon t1_j60uasm wrote

So people get fined and/or imprisoned for all kinds of stealing... how come this only gets them a slap on the wrist?


dirtymatt t1_j634q8v wrote

It’s not even a slap on the wrist. It’s paying back the original amount owed, years later, without interest. It’s more like a gentle wrist massage.


missdeweydell t1_j63btf4 wrote

we're going to put them in an online burn book nobody reads! that'll teach 'em!

this city...🙄


uptown_gargoyle t1_j60aa6s wrote

the crime is out of control in this city


animesekaielric t1_j60i0bg wrote

Saw a comment the other day: what’s more criminal- a boss stiffing his employees $100 a day or an employee stealing $100 from the till


uptown_gargoyle t1_j60jioq wrote

I'm not sure whether there are degrees of criminality.

edit: although stealing $100/day sounds a lot more serious than stealing $100 once


SanjiSasuke t1_j61f6kl wrote

There are absolutely degrees of criminality. Like, enshrined in law. Like for example, there's larceny and grand larceny.


uptown_gargoyle t1_j61jlsv wrote

I guess. It just seems odd to me to call one crime "more criminal" than another. Crimes certainly have degrees of seriousness; different crimes carry different punishments and all.

To my mind, something is a crime or it isn't. It isn't any more or less criminal for a shop owner to steal from a worker than it is for a worker to steal from a shop owner. The punishments for these two crimes generally differ, and there are ethical differences between them I think. But they're both crimes.

Can all crimes be ranked from most to least in terms of how criminal they are? Not in terms of the severity of their respective punishments, but on the criminality of the crimes themselves?


[deleted] t1_j61o7gu wrote



Brousinator t1_j639hkd wrote

Did... Did you just use Les Miz as an insult? Wow now I've seen everything.


RufusLaButte t1_j639yxx wrote

Javert: is shown kindness and forgiveness once "what is this? I must end my life."


dirtymatt t1_j634szt wrote

1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, etc.


ftloudon t1_j61yf87 wrote

Reminder that the rampant wage theft that happens across the country gets a millionth the amount of press coverage as “organized crime retail theft” does.


dammit_dammit t1_j63bbm8 wrote

Not only that, but employers try to push the idea that if you are less than 100% productive while on the job, you're committing "time theft" while also doing things to their employees like stealing tips and not providing required overtime pay.


nankles t1_j61iazh wrote

Friendly reminder that Chickies and Pete's are the GOATs of wage theft in Philly!


Vexithan t1_j603msu wrote

I enjoy the irony of the “you are powerful” sign in their window.


dc122186 t1_j60qzk5 wrote

This is also the shop that used to have "fuck you in the ass" on their front window, in french, for some reason.


Vexithan t1_j60sy9b wrote

Of course. Sure. That makes a lot of sense.


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Badkevin t1_j627pgk wrote

For Philly that’s a lot other places that are around with a lot worse


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j63jiw7 wrote

$17/hr plus tips is insane.


cielorossa t1_j63kg0u wrote

I would question the veracity of her - or her attorney's statements.

As of a month ago, I was told by one employee that their pay was $15/hr plus tips.


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j63lu5t wrote

Even still, that's quite a bit. More than garbage men make, more than many trades make. Hell, more than school teachers make.


cielorossa t1_j63nfyf wrote

I have family members that work at Starbucks, CVS and Target and their pay starts at $15/hr.

A yearly salary on $15/hr is about $31,200 - without benefits. That is not enough to allow people to live independently. It's not about pitting one profession against another. Everyone deserves a fair wage and fair working conditions.


justanawkwardguy t1_j6441p6 wrote

You clearly don't know what people make... Garbage men get paid well for a number of reasons. 1) it's a government job 2) people typically don't want to do it, so they incentivize with higher pay 3) there's a pay increase due to the danger related to the job. These are the top 3 reasons, but the list goes on


mortgagepants t1_j63mlg6 wrote

i mean maybe those people should ask for higher wages? i'm pretty sure the teachers and garbage men have a union, and there are plenty of unionized trades too.


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j63nf0z wrote

If you're in a union you don't get to ask for higher wages lol. It's set by the union.


mortgagepants t1_j63nsep wrote

yes i know how it works. the union will have to negotiate for higher wages.


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j64gv3u wrote

Every union? Because then we're back where we started and now everything goes up in price.


mortgagepants t1_j64kbdr wrote

all prices just went up but wages didn't. maybe those two things aren't as closely linked as you think they are?


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j64tkp4 wrote

Didn't wages increase a ton in the last 2 years? I swear you must be reading different news than the rest of us.


mortgagepants t1_j657zzc wrote

nonfarm payrolls are up 5.1%, inflation was 9.1; corporate price gouging was responsible for over 60% of the increase.

i must be reading different news because whatever you're reading is not grounded in reality.


mortgagepants t1_j65gvt3 wrote

lol so the hospitality sector, which was closed for 2 years, has had the highest wage gains.

are you surprised by that? what about gas prices? do you remember when a barrel of oil was less than zero dollars? what happened there?

i'm sure you could give me a full economic breakdown, but like your namesake, you'd "prefer not to".


HobbyPlodder t1_j65fii6 wrote

Unfortunately, it sounds like people weren't getting their tips.

Fwiw, I am biased against this shop as they have consistently made less than mediocre coffee every time I've been.


ebbycalvinlaloosh t1_j61s9w2 wrote

They are blocking people on IG who are posting about it. Pussies.


RufusLaButte t1_j63jjum wrote

Their IG is private now lol


ebbycalvinlaloosh t1_j63krs8 wrote

Yeah because she’s clearly an asshole. Definitely not going back there. It used to be a regular spot for me.


Outrageous_Lemon_690 t1_j618m0d wrote

This is so sad, I loved this place. Won’t be going there anymore.


afdc92 t1_j61qoq1 wrote

I’m really disappointed to hear this, I really liked the food and coffee I got there. Certainly won’t be going back there, the workers deserve so much better.


tnymnt t1_j62c7ws wrote

fuck this place.


missdeweydell t1_j63c9ij wrote

I used to be in there every day in 2016-2017. witnessed lots of staff turnover in that time and a few remarks about this lady from the baristas I got friendly with. tbh I'm surprised they're still in business with the word on the street but it's in a good location so I'm sure she makes bank.


missdeweydell t1_j63u4cd wrote

all social media profiles deleted...


kittylover3210 t1_j614uqy wrote

thought this was gonna be soy cafe LOL


Badkevin t1_j627uqq wrote

Lol Soy Cafe pays $12 an hour. I know that first hand. One shot says they pay $17


Triplsticks t1_j6291jk wrote

“I love my staff and count on them to help me run my shop"

"I have nothing to do with it"


beeps-n-boops t1_j649s7s wrote

Are they owned by Chickie, or Pete?


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sugr_magnolia t1_j60hbxw wrote

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Badkevin t1_j627m5i wrote

Well that’s very disappointing to see in my neighborhood. One of our only nice coffee shops around here, I hope they get the stuff sorted out.


bushwhack227 t1_j63m67z wrote

Huh? There's a ton of coffee shops in NL


Badkevin t1_j63xk8i wrote

Aside from higher grounds there isn’t one that I can sit and study like a lounge. And higher grounds schedule is unreliable.


SBRH33 t1_j61zcrr wrote

Maybe its the next Mina's World cafe.