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MaleficentPiglet3 t1_j6djyoy wrote

No, you have to use their app and pay for individual tickets which are scanned using a QR code.

From Septa's website: "SEPTA Key Tix is an easy-to-use option to purchase tickets for one or more persons using your mobile device. The Pilot Program is currently in use for bus, trolley, the Broad Street Line (BSL), Market Frankford Line (MFL), and Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL). This does not replace SEPTA Key cards or Quick Trip but provides a simple solution for occasional riders who want to enjoy the same benefits as cardholders, including one free transfer per Transit trip.

SEPTA Key Tix gives families and friends traveling together the capability to “scan once” and purchase (up to 10 one-way tickets per transaction) and pay fares for up to five riders using a single barcode."


mburn14 t1_j6edz3o wrote

I just tried this and they wouldn’t scan


aintjoan t1_j6f69pd wrote

Wouldn't scan at all or wouldn't scan as fares for more than one person?

The QR code readers are much more finicky than I'd like to see. I really wish they had just focused on NFC and skipped this QR code nonsense. At any rate, I have used this system successfully, even though I don't think it was the best way to go.

You should report issues with mobile ticketing here.


courageous_liquid t1_j6j8cev wrote

I went through the mobile ticketing beta for 2 months and only had one issue with the reader and it wasn't working for the key either so it needed a full reboot.

Submitted a ticket and it was working the next day.


mburn14 t1_j6g306j wrote

Yea two people using a card and we code and cops wouldn’t let us through even though we are clearly a couple and paid for both


aintjoan t1_j6g73j1 wrote

The cops? Where were you trying to board? Any SEPTA station should have an attendant who knows how mobile ticketing works. Shouldn't be a police thing.


mburn14 t1_j6gc6dl wrote

Nrg :)


aintjoan t1_j6ge3c8 wrote

Next time go to the station attendant.

But you're also confusing me by saying you had a card. You cannot use the physical cards to pay twice. You have to use the app. Not sure if some wires have been crossed here or if I'm just reading too much into a word choice.