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b0b0tempo t1_j5jmj5i wrote

I can't tell you how many times I've been almost run down by cars speeding through lights on Oregon Avenue.


aintjoan t1_j5jpy80 wrote

Same, but replace Oregon Ave with pretty much any street in the city


mortgagepants t1_j5jv1ul wrote

people fucking beep. it blows my mind. like "i know its red, and i know its your turn to go, but fuck you i'm going and if you get hit it is your fault".

one of the worst encounters i've had is someone running a stop sign who rolled down the window who yelled, "you saw my on my phone you should have stopped!"


the_hoagie t1_j5kpqqg wrote

just a couple weeks ago i was halfway across the street at a two way stop and looked to my left, saw the approaching car's interior light on and the driver looking down at his phone, speeding towards the stop sign. i hustled to the other side of the intersection just as he looked up and slammed on his breaks in the middle of the crosswalk. my wife was on the other side of the street kind of cautiously looking at him to see if he saw her.

he waved at her and started cursing saying, "i'm not gonna fuckin run you over!" and started cursing us out for... walking? i yelled some choice words at him back, he asked me if i was a tough guy, and then he sped off.


mortgagepants t1_j5kt09l wrote

yeah there are no consequences for driving like a murderer in philly. so they just murder on.


jedilips t1_j5ldvtc wrote

> he waved at her and started cursing saying, "i'm not gonna fuckin run you over!" and started cursing us out for... walking? i yelled some choice words at him back, he asked me if i was a tough guy, and then he sped off.

Interactions like this were pretty much a part of my daily life in South Philly. It really wore me down after a while and it's partly why we're in Glenside now. The traffic is not as bad out here as in other nearby burbs, but people still drive like they've lost their minds.


abigdumbrocket t1_j5oodzx wrote

Hi future neighbor. Reason number one we're vacating the city this March.


tough_ledi t1_j5jqxce wrote

Seriously. I see cops sitting around on their asses in their cars in South Philly low-income housing all the damn time, even when nothing is happening at all. They should be out on Oregon avenue instead, checking for people running through red lights and pulling illegal turns.


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j5k0k1s wrote

The mayor and his puppet police commissioner do not want cops making traffic stops.

I’m not quite sure how this isn’t abundantly obvious to everyone with half a brain

Police stops=police interactions=chance something bad could go wrong. In the guise of equity the city leadership wants cops engaging with the public as very little as possible


ReturnedFromExile t1_j5k30wk wrote

Bullshit. Moving violations very much still supposed to be enforced. The police just decided not to do it because they’re not allowed to pull people over for busted tail lights.


Indiana_Jawns t1_j5kjbw9 wrote

The cops weren't pulling people over for moving violations before the city had to pass a law banning them from using air fresheners as an excuse to harass minorities.


TheBSQ t1_j5lv47q wrote

One side doesn’t want anything enforced that might result in disproportionate and inequitable results, the other side doesn’t want to enforce anything under the the idea that the worse things get, the more the public will turn to “law and order” (aka, more funding for them).

Both can be true at the same time.

And both err towards non-enforcement.

And that non-enforcement works to the advantage of both.

Whether it’s “look at all the harm” or “look at all the harm that disproportionally falls on low-income/BIPOC” doesn’t really matter.

The more negative affects there are, the more there is for each side to blame on the other.

You can’t argue about how bad things are, who it disproportionately affects, whose fault it is, and all that, unless there’s bad stuff.

And, of course, “bad stuff” means someone needs to fund more of something.

As long as we all agree something is bad and something needs more funding, then all the major players are happy.

From there we can argue who is at fault, who has the solution, and who should get more money.


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j5k4g6b wrote

Think about your own statement. Use a bit of common sense. If they’re brazen enough to come out and officially change 10-12 laws to not be allowed to pull over.

Imagine how much worse behind the scenes are. Also, let’s say you’re a cop. (I know you could never bc Acab and all that good stuff), but let’s play pretend. You pull someone over. They have an illegal gun. You risk your life to retrieve that gun whether it was brandished or not. The Ada or judge throws away the gun charge bc they believe the suspect was pulled over for a wrong reason. That happens 1x to a cop I guarantee they’re hesitant to bother again. Multiply they by thousands of cops with numerous instances of this happening and you get the police force that exists today.


ReturnedFromExile t1_j5k5dcv wrote

so they are allowed to and supposed to pull people over for moving violation and because of reasons they choose not to. Correct?


AKraiderfan t1_j5kbrx0 wrote

So you're saying the police aren't doing the job that they knowingly signed up for, with all the risk that they knew before hand, and we should empathize with that and be okay with it?

Okay buddy.


DonQOnIce t1_j5kcjzp wrote

Man, I wish I could just stop doing my job because I don’t like how another department follows up on the job I do.


AKraiderfan t1_j5kczkt wrote

yeah, imagine if the recycling pickup have the same attitude when they discover much of their pickup does not result in recycling. We should totally empathize and accept their decision not to do their jobs because feels!


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j5kdvra wrote

They literally throw it all in one truck more often than they separate it…edgy analogy fail On this one


Aromat_Junkie t1_j5k4frw wrote

Well sure, that's why police stops for traffic are retarded and our structure around it sucks.

It's just a phishing exercise draped around safety. I am for safety, not for phishing.

It's a huge dragnet

It causes escalations because, the police can arrest you for basically any pull over infraction, if they like.

The solution is to fix the systemic problem - that 99% of police interactions are from traffic stops, and that it really shouldn't be the case.

Ideas to fix it? Not sure


Scumandvillany t1_j5ko9xh wrote



Aromat_Junkie t1_j5kosc7 wrote

mandatory 4,000 hour training for officers?


Scumandvillany t1_j5kpn02 wrote

That too, but you know


Aromat_Junkie t1_j5kr3ym wrote

no I don't know.

Mandatory 4000 glasses of white wine?

Mandatory 4000 useless pricks in patronage jobs?

Mandatory $4000 in yearly wage tax to pay for said pricks?

Mandatory 4000 miles of road unrepaired?

Mandatory 4000 lines of gas pipe ready to explode?


rossdowdell t1_j5jtoxz wrote

Thread title: _______ is _________ in ___________.

Philly reddit: The cops suck!


NonIdentifiableUser t1_j5juszd wrote

Have to imagine that all of the illegally parked vehicles on Oregon Avenue is a contributing factor to this.


getnakedivegotaplan t1_j5octrf wrote

Definitely a combo of people parking like assholes and other people driving like assholes


voidofcourth t1_j5n0vz2 wrote

I can't tell you how my cyclists I've almost hit and killed with my car when they don't follow any rules of the road. Do they not know they have to obey the same traffic signs and rules as cars when they are on public streets?


b0b0tempo t1_j5odhhx wrote

I'm not a cyclist, you fucking sociopath, and neither was the woman run down on Oregon avenue.

Why don't you go drive off a fucking cliff?


voidofcourth t1_j5oy1i9 wrote

Woah. Sociopath? It's not like I'm trying to hit anyone. I'm a very safe driver. I was saying the cyclists are being reckless. Mainly the electric bike delivery folks. Calm down Susan.


mountjo t1_j5pcnlq wrote

And I almost get doored/nailed on my bike daily while following traffic laws. What's your point here? Cyclist bring it on themselves? Some don't follow traffic laws?


voidofcourth t1_j5vgp3u wrote

The ones who run stop signs and lights and get hit I do not feel a bit of sympathy over.


mountjo t1_j5vik3s wrote

Well, thanks for sharing I guess. Very valuable contribution to the conversation.


hdhcnsnd OP t1_j5jpq6i wrote

Less than a month into 2023 and 2 cyclists have already been killed by drivers. Not sure on the pedestrian counts, but would assume it’s even higher.

This is unacceptable. There are common sense infrastructure, policy and policing changes that will fix this, yet city council and the mayor are silent at best and antagonistic at worst.


LurkersWillLurk t1_j5jtt7d wrote

Darrell Clarke would rather let people get hit by cars than suffer the slightest inconvenience when driving to the corner store.


sigma6d t1_j5levdo wrote

Current Affairs Podcast: Why Are So Many Pedestrians Getting Killed in America? >Angie Schmitt is a transportation writer and planner whose book Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America examines the shocking and disturbing growth in pedestrian deaths on the streets of the United States. After declining for 20 years, pedestrian deaths began climbing drastically again around 2010.

>These gruesome tragedies are preventable—in Europe, deaths are declining rather than increasing—and in Angie's book, she discusses all of the factors contributing to the problem. These include:

>The proliferation of big trucks and SUVs with huge blind spots and killer front ends

>Gentrification pushing poor people into the suburbs, where not having a car means having to walk to work across busy six-lane roads and take your life in your hands

>The lack of any serious US national investment in making our roads safe and laws written by the oil industry (for instance, many state constitutions prohibit using gas tax money to build sidewalks)

>A lack of good public transit

>A culture of "blaming the pedestrian" that sees accidents as a result of walkers' foolishness rather than bad planning

>The fact that the victims of these accidents tend to be poor people, old people, and people of color, whose lives are less valued and who navigate worse infrastructure

>Angie's book is filled with important information about an overlooked crisis. It's a serious issue of racial justice and shows the American class divide at its ugliest: rich people in giant trucks mow down poor people of color who have no choice but to dodge traffic. It's a dystopian tragedy, made all the worst by how avoidable it is. Instead of ensuring that everyone could navigate the built environment safely, America has shifted blame onto victims (as we can see in the concept of "jaywalking," which punishes pedestrians for crossing streets even when there are no crosswalks nearby). Angie lays out why we need to care more about this injustice and how we can address it at relatively little expense.

The Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America

Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America

You wouldn’t download a car

Crash Not Accident >Before the labor movement, factory owners would say "it was an accident" when American workers were injured in unsafe conditions.

>Before the movement to combat drunk driving, intoxicated drivers would say "it was an accident" when they crashed their cars.

>Planes don’t have accidents. They crash. Cranes don’t have accidents. They collapse. And as a society, we expect answers and solutions.

>Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Let’s stop using the word "accident" today.

Does news coverage of traffic crashes affect perceived blame and preferred solutions? Evidence from an experiment

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Nixes The Auto Industry Propaganda Term “Car Accident”


AnotherChrisHall t1_j5kc8mp wrote

There is a rising tide of stupidity and homicidal selfishness that nothing but cement barricades can fix I’m afraid. The city, the cops, the government… they are populated by those same idiots.


fritolazee t1_j5js6px wrote

I think the south Philly one was a pedestrian


Proper-Code7794 t1_j5js4cu wrote

Yes everyone should follow traffic rules. This isnt Idaho you know.


Edison_Ruggles t1_j5k2wjm wrote

As always, my rant to the clouds: Why in fucks name does PA not require front license plates? Holy fuck - multiple photos of the front of the van and no license plate. AGAIN.


hdhcnsnd OP t1_j5kmvvu wrote

Agreed, this would be such an easy improvement that would help nab these people.

There’s a massive argument for the front plate, but the counter of “it’s ugly” wins. Madness.


StubbornLeech07 t1_j5k8ri3 wrote

Going to guess it has something to do with money.


-null-null t1_j5mutx5 wrote

Assuming we’re talking about new registrations only (single-platers could be grandfathered in), if someone can afford to buy a car they can probably afford to pay another $5 or whatever to cover the cost of a 2nd plate. The increased accountability of being able to identify bad drivers and prevent further damages and injuries would cancel out the cost of stamping out a second plate.


Kageyblahblahblah t1_j5lhi3y wrote

Ok, so they make a print out of whatever fake plate and put it on the front, if they even have plates.


WalbsWheels t1_j5jozpp wrote

A guy hit my wife's ankle in a crosswalk last month, she was pushing a stroller in a residential block. He stopped 50 feet away to yell, "I'm sorry" and drove off before she could get any info. Thankfully, baby is fine and my wife only had a bruise.


nowtayneicangetinto t1_j5vbas4 wrote

Same thing happened to me years ago. I was hit by a car crossing a street, the driver was too scared to stop so she drove a few hundred feet away and yelled if I was ok. I asked for a ride and she said no and drove off.


adwvn t1_j5jkrfb wrote

The fact is, American society is quite comfortable and conditioned with a surprising amount of daily pedestrian carnage. This is by design, with murderous infrastructure, and zero enforcement.

There isn't a single person or group in Philadelphia that is serious about stopping this.


aintjoan t1_j5jmagw wrote

I think this falls pretty firmly under what 5th Square tries to address. But there isn't anyone in Philadelphia government that's serious about stopping it, that's for sure.


adwvn t1_j5jna7k wrote

Absolute nonsense. 5th Street is just a pac, specializing in sloganeering and fundraising for Jon Greetings own private real-estate interests.

I'm talking about real grassroots political pressure and organizing. Politicians shouldn't even be allowed to speak in public without being heckled about all these dead people.


aintjoan t1_j5jpogk wrote

I mean... that has not at all been my experience of 5th square but ok.

Would certainly like to see more people pressing elected officials to take action on this but given that Clarke (aka Mr "We drive to the corner store") is still CC president, I just don't see how you get anywhere.


adwvn t1_j5jrj4d wrote

Action is not being impeded by one lone individual, Clarke. Gym, Squilla, Kenney... Name any one of them, and they don't give a fuck. Guarantee you people like Gym are going to mention it while they run campaigns, but they don't have to do anything once their position is secured -- they know that citizens here will never hold them accountable after the election is over. For them, your job is to be a good little voter. And the inevitable continuation of deaths on the streets? Well that's collateral damage.


aintjoan t1_j5js9m0 wrote

I'm not saying Clarke is the only one to blame. I was alluding to the larger problematic situation wherein city council has entirely too much control over things like street layout and planning and Clarke, who is president, is completely hopeless.

Kenney did exactly what you're talking about when he ran for mayor, talking about how they were embracing the "Zero Vision" (direct quote) and then of course doing nothing, or actively working against Vision Zero principles, in office.

I really don't disagree that we need to see people bringing this issue up constantly until officials take action. But I think you shouldn't discount how tired people are of trying to advocate for change in the face of a system that simply will not listen. The way this place is set up really wears you down.

How can we make it simple and easy for people to demand this kind of change and give them some hope that it isn't a complete waste of their time?


adwvn t1_j5jxp9l wrote

We all need to do something more in order to prevent people getting maimed or killed. If there were people out there organizing a sit-in at city hall or at politicians door steps, or wanting to record people bombarding the Mayor or Council everytime they have a public speaking engagement-- I would eagerly participate.


aintjoan t1_j5k0ga9 wrote

Maybe you should be the one to start it then!


adwvn t1_j5k2ggz wrote

Great advice, 5th Street lover


danstecz t1_j5jszp2 wrote

I have to cross Lincoln Drive to catch the train and I've had people stare me down while almost turning into me. Some people seem to get a rush from putting other people's lives in danger.


frankoceansheadband t1_j5kikz8 wrote

I’ve gotten honked at so many times waiting for pedestrians to cross there. I always look back like “you just want me to run them over?”

Edit: word choice


errrnis t1_j5mv1f7 wrote

Is this at Lincoln and Mt Pleasant? People at that intersection are insane - and it’s a no turn on red to boot


districtultra t1_j5k5zr5 wrote

Something needs to be done about enforcement, it's terrible out there as a biker and pedestrian.

Just this last weekend, I was crossing with the light across Frankford at Palmer in Fishtown and a guy came zooming through a turn and then started yelling at me for being in the crosswalk. Of course I yelled back that he was wrong. Guy pulls over and is waiting for me up the block. Luckily there was a group of us walking, otherwise I don't know what he had planned. One of my friends mentions that he could have killed someone and he responds "I don't give a fuck about pedestrians".

Oh yeah someone threatened to shoot me at the same intersection for the same type of situation just last month. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd rather be alive than right, but in both of these situations, I was well in the process of crossing when it happened.


JBizznass t1_j5k7yyb wrote

I had a lady jump out of her car and throw her coffee at my windshield for not jumping a light and mowing over pedestrians at Berks and Frankford a few years ago. I’m not sure how that saved her any time in the long run and she also wasted her iced coffee. What is wrong with people.


throw_away_antimlm t1_j5kadhd wrote

I've had people honk and yell at me for crossing Walnut at Rittenhouse Square because they had to...slow down? To let me cross the street in the crosswalk without being hit? And then had a guy start to drive while I was walking directly in front of him at ~8th and Wharton. There was even a car crossing the same direction I was walking.


ten-million t1_j5kdtr5 wrote

While sitting in a comfortable chair. It’s warm. They just have to move their feet and hands a little bit. Why is it so hard to stop?


DonQOnIce t1_j5ke4mg wrote

The impatience is out of control. It feels like every day now I have a car which will properly yield for me when I’m biking (for instance, they need to make a left turn across my lane) and someone will come up behind them and start honking like a mad person. Absolutely no consideration that people are probably yielding for a reason.


tanaciousp t1_j5mif9t wrote

Man, these comments make me feel so fucking done with this city. Things were getting better for so long but from 2019-now things have become just so much worse here. Been here over 10 years and in the last year 3 of my friends have been car jacked. Not to mention the rest of the violence happening all over. I don’t even want to walk my dog past 8 pm anymore. all this is making me think, who wants to live here and deal with this now? Certainly not middle class and above people with the ability to have better choices. This city is driving away the most important taxable group of people.

Look the idea of living in the suburbs makes me equally depressed because it’s homogenous as fuck, and not walkable whatsoever and I’m a city person . but at least the degree of which I worry about being randomly assaulted or violated in some way will go down significantly.


ColdJay64 t1_j5oel92 wrote

Almost like there was an unprecedented global pandemic that had this effect (to varying degrees) on nearly all American cities. For example, over 20 cities set homicide records in 2021.

The question is whether you have the patience and desire to wait for things to hopefully return to normal - of which you of course have no obligation to.


tanaciousp t1_j5ofp2s wrote

Yeah, if it were just me I was worried about I would stay long term. But with small children, it’s a whole different equation.


Phl_worldwide t1_j5jejz5 wrote

Since the moment the “driver equity” bill passed that said you can’t be pulled over for minor infractions, people feel they can get away with anything. When will someone start standing up for the actual everyday normal citizens?


aintjoan t1_j5jg8yx wrote

NOTHING in the driver equality bill says the police can't pull people over for blasting through traffic lights, speeding like demons, or driving recklessly. Here is what the bill actually says. Under the law, drivers can no longer be stopped for:

  • Vehicle registrations expired for 60 days or less.
  • Temporary registration permits that are in the wrong location, but otherwise clearly displayed in the rear window.
  • Unfastened registration plates, as long as they are still visible.
  • A single brake or headlight out.
  • Other obstructions, like rearview mirror decorations.
  • Minor bumper damage.
  • Operation of vehicle without official certificate of inspection.
  • Unlawful operation without evidence of emission inspection.

Please show me where it says this stops the police from enforcing traffic laws. It doesn't. But someone points to it every time someone else points out that the police in this city aren't doing their damn jobs.

Yes, I, an ordinary citizen, am sick and tired of the police force in this city refusing to do one of the simplest things they could do to save lives: enforce traffic laws. People who die from being hit by reckless drivers are just as dead as people who get shot, and let's be honest, the PPD's homicide clearance rate is already crap. If they devoted some resources to basic traffic enforcement -- ticketing for speeding, ticketing for blasting through red lights, ticketing for driving like a batshit lunatic down city streets -- they could save a hell of a lot more lives.


lordredsnake t1_j5k1nyl wrote

The inability for police to pull over unregistered cars, uninspected cars, and cars with obscured license plates removes a great deal of risk for unlicensed drivers to operate vehicles—drivers who shouldn't be behind the wheel for a multitude of reasons.

I see cars with obscured license plates flat out run solid red lights for blocks on a near daily basis.

It is a well-meaning law meant to address the real problem of pulling drivers over for all of the reasons you listed as pretext for racial profiling, but it has some very real unintended consequences. People respond to incentives.

Couple that with a soft strike by the police, and it's chaos. Because I've seen those cars run red lights right in front of cops who don't do a damn thing about it anyway.


aintjoan t1_j5k2t59 wrote

The latter part of your statement is exactly why I'm saying the larger problem isn't the law itself. The police have responded to the law by choosing to stop enforcing all traffic laws. That's not what the law requires them to do; they're simply refusing to do their jobs because they don't like the bill.

Your first points are why I said that reasonable people can disagree about the law itself.

But again -- nothing stops the police from pulling over a driver for running a red light, for speeding, for driving recklessly -- whether their plate is covered, their car inspection is expired, their taillight is out, etc, or not. And the police are not doing that either.

The immediate fault lies with the people driving recklessly. But the average citizen can't do anything about that; we have to rely on the police to take action. And they're not doing that, even in the situations where they are empowered to. I don't think anyone here could say with a straight face that there is a shortage of flagrant traffic violations for them to see and respond to. They just don't.


lordredsnake t1_j5k43lq wrote

I've made the same post as yours in this sub many times, so I get it. I agree the law isn't the prime cause of the spike in recklessness, but it almost certainly is related.

Even if cops did want to do their jobs, we can't expect them to get all reckless drivers off the road just by observing the 1% of the time they're egregiously breaking the law instead of being able to respond to the 100% of the time they're breaking the law with fake or obscured tags.

People want to look at it like it's only one thing or the other, but the truth is in the middle.


JBizznass t1_j5k7axe wrote

If we want police to be proactive we can’t take away their tools that allow them to be proactive!

I understand the intent of the law, but removing tools that allow police to protect law abiding residents isn’t the way to foster equitable policing.


a-german-muffin t1_j5kc04j wrote

The kind of stuff scrapped in the Philly law is along the lines of NJ's license plate frame stops, which the state Supreme Court there called a total fishing expedition that has resulted in inadmissible evidence. If these are the kinds of tools cops need to do their jobs, when most of us could sit on our steps and count a dozen moving violations a day without even trying, that would seem to say more about the cops than the law.


Indiana_Jawns t1_j5kc3bz wrote

>The inability for police to pull over unregistered cars, uninspected cars, and cars with obscured license plates removes

The law doesn't say these cars can't be pulled over, it just says that can't be the only reason for the traffic stop. It's because the cops were using these as excuses to selectively target and harass minority drivers.


CT_Real t1_j5nhzpb wrote

>I see cars with obscured license plates flat out run solid red lights for blocks on a near daily basis.

Well they would still get pulled over for running a red light...


scatterbrainedpast t1_j5jqw5b wrote

How do you not see any overlap between the two


ReturnedFromExile t1_j5k3b91 wrote

overlap? The police just decided not to do some part of the job because they were told they can’t do another part of the job.


H00die5zn t1_j5jgpsf wrote

“Driving Equality reclassifies seven minor motor vehicle code violations as secondary violations which will not be administered with a traffic stop”



JBizznass t1_j5k7ias wrote

I always love when people downvote factual statements and links to informational sources on this sub. Like why are you downvoting facts?!?


H00die5zn t1_j5k7pxs wrote

Haha idk. Herd mentality? Not worth the pushback


Phl_worldwide t1_j5jgell wrote

Those are all things that criminals and terrible people use to get away with illegal shit


aintjoan t1_j5jgw4g wrote

Not a single one of those things prevents a police officer from pulling people over for the kinds of flagrant violations that are causing hit-and-run crashes.

You can debate whether the bill itself was a good idea. Reasonable people can disagree about that. But it does not prevent the police from doing traffic enforcement. The fact that they have essentially stopped all traffic enforcement in response to it is... well. Let's just say, I think it sums up the issues with the PPD and FOP quite well.


[deleted] t1_j5jhjxd wrote



aintjoan t1_j5ji1t6 wrote

[Removing this comment because it was a reply to a comment that's no longer here and makes no sense without context]


justanawkwardguy t1_j5k716c wrote

It's not about the police stopping them though. Yes, police need to do their jobs and actually pull people over for flagrant violations, however, the bill also made it so idiotic drivers think they can do anything. Even if it's outside of what the bill was for, people who actively choose to drive recklessly see the bill as making their behaviors ok


aintjoan t1_j5kby94 wrote

I think the fact that nobody is stopping them for doing 90mph down city streets or blasting through red lights without a second thought is doing a lot more to tell them their behavior is ok. Serious question: how many of the people we're discussing do you really think are aware of a bill that came out of Philly City council and what it says? Do you think the folks racing Dodge Chargers on Delaware Ave were waiting for an all clear from city council? Reckless driving behavior was already present. It exploded when the police stopped pulling them over for it, which was after the bill was passed, because the police didn't like the bill.

We're kind of at an impasse at this point, I think, because we don't have the kind of data analysis necessary to figure out the nuances of causation. The one thing I keep coming back to is that the police ARE the only ones who can enforce existing traffic law and they are NOT doing it. If that changed, it stands to reason the behavior would be reduced.


AKraiderfan t1_j5kcrk3 wrote

it only takes marginal enforcement to stop 90% of dumb fucks from thinking they can get away with shit.

Case in point: Seattle has jaywalking laws, and everyone mostly follows it. How often is this law enforced? averages out about 170 jaywalking tickets per year in the past decade. 170 tickets a year, in a metro area of 4mm people, a laughably small number, but keeps much of the population from jaywalking.

Fucking pull over 100 cars a year, and you'll get assholes calling PPD nazis, but probably reduce a whole bunch of bad driving for that comically small number of actual enforcement.


CT_Real t1_j5ni1xf wrote

90% of people in the city have no knowledge of this law...


TheTwoOneFive t1_j5jp7cd wrote

Criminals and terrible people use minor bumper damage to get away with illegal shit? Can you walk me through that thought process?


Phl_worldwide t1_j5jpfoa wrote

You print a fake paper plate out. Put it on a stolen vehicle. Commit a hit and run with it. Commit a robbery. Then you can just drive away, no worry of cameras because it’s a fake plate and you know your safe in Philly


Little_Noodles t1_j5kj7fs wrote

You could do that with fake temporary dealer tags before the bill too, though.


lordredsnake t1_j5k2347 wrote


Phl_worldwide t1_j5k3qte wrote

I would bet a lot of Down voters voted for the politicans who implemented the laws that are suffocating the poor communities. Their performative politics are harming the city but instead of readjusting their perspective, it just makes them feel better to hit the down vote button.


TheTwoOneFive t1_j5k5nih wrote

That has absolutely nothing to do with the 8 items above. Yes, the police need to do a better job enforcing fake plates, but has ZERO to do with the above items.

Again, you said the items exempt from being the primary reason someone is pulled over "are all things that criminals and terrible people use to get away with illegal shit" so I would love to see examples, such as how minor bumper damage is being used to get away with illegal shit. Stop moving the goalposts.


ReturnedFromExile t1_j5k37qm wrote

police chose to completely ignore moving violations on their own, having nothing to do with that bill.


hclvyj t1_j5k87vj wrote

Whenever family visits, I always tell them to look quadruple times, don't advance on the green right away because someone WILL run the red and not care for their life, and be on defense wherever you go. Philly drivers are the absolute worst and if I'm going to die in this city, I have a feeling it'll be by getting hit by a car.


duhduhman t1_j5l2i2v wrote

its crazy how people just lay on their horns. sorry I cant make right turn, Ill literally run over a woman and her stroller. too many people with licenses don't have a high school education


Ipollute t1_j5k1ydb wrote

Cars are death machines.


muffpatty t1_j5l9074 wrote

I agree, but we also live among animals barely masquerading as humans.


Ipollute t1_j5llpm6 wrote

The title of animal goes both ways. So why not reduce the number of pointy, vroomy, bangy things we have to contend with ?


Glystopher t1_j5le33p wrote

Adding in here that a hit in run in front of the wawa at 38th and spruce sent me to the hospital with double broken lower legs. Just now walking and getting back to normal. Destroyed my parked ebike too. Both myself and the bike were on the SIDEWALK!!! The resulting chaos also damaged the window of the Wawa and about 4 light poles 3 trash cans, the bike lockup and a couples newish looking beefed up electric scooters . WTF!!


harbison215 t1_j5l00y5 wrote

I watched a dog get hit on Tyson ave on Friday. Driver didn’t even hit its brakes just kept going. Sad


TokiWart00th88 t1_j5meqga wrote

"Police are investigating" = nothing will ever happen


Unpopular_couscous t1_j5mmnww wrote

I swear more than half of the people in our city are on their phones behind the wheel. It's terrifying.


Dog_Backwards666 t1_j5ltbr5 wrote

if we had more speed and red light cameras this would slow things down dramatically, also enforce delinquent tickets makes you an eligible to renew your vehicles registration.. the fix to these problems is so simple why can’t city leaders see it?


ColdJay64 t1_j5oe47y wrote

From a more recent article:

“Overwise said neither of the drivers was speeding and there's a possibility rain may have been a factor, but he continues to say that does not excuse these drivers from leaving the scene of an accident.”