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Phl_worldwide t1_j5jpfoa wrote

You print a fake paper plate out. Put it on a stolen vehicle. Commit a hit and run with it. Commit a robbery. Then you can just drive away, no worry of cameras because it’s a fake plate and you know your safe in Philly


Little_Noodles t1_j5kj7fs wrote

You could do that with fake temporary dealer tags before the bill too, though.


lordredsnake t1_j5k2347 wrote


Phl_worldwide t1_j5k3qte wrote

I would bet a lot of Down voters voted for the politicans who implemented the laws that are suffocating the poor communities. Their performative politics are harming the city but instead of readjusting their perspective, it just makes them feel better to hit the down vote button.


TheTwoOneFive t1_j5k5nih wrote

That has absolutely nothing to do with the 8 items above. Yes, the police need to do a better job enforcing fake plates, but has ZERO to do with the above items.

Again, you said the items exempt from being the primary reason someone is pulled over "are all things that criminals and terrible people use to get away with illegal shit" so I would love to see examples, such as how minor bumper damage is being used to get away with illegal shit. Stop moving the goalposts.