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aintjoan t1_j5jpogk wrote

I mean... that has not at all been my experience of 5th square but ok.

Would certainly like to see more people pressing elected officials to take action on this but given that Clarke (aka Mr "We drive to the corner store") is still CC president, I just don't see how you get anywhere.


adwvn t1_j5jrj4d wrote

Action is not being impeded by one lone individual, Clarke. Gym, Squilla, Kenney... Name any one of them, and they don't give a fuck. Guarantee you people like Gym are going to mention it while they run campaigns, but they don't have to do anything once their position is secured -- they know that citizens here will never hold them accountable after the election is over. For them, your job is to be a good little voter. And the inevitable continuation of deaths on the streets? Well that's collateral damage.


aintjoan t1_j5js9m0 wrote

I'm not saying Clarke is the only one to blame. I was alluding to the larger problematic situation wherein city council has entirely too much control over things like street layout and planning and Clarke, who is president, is completely hopeless.

Kenney did exactly what you're talking about when he ran for mayor, talking about how they were embracing the "Zero Vision" (direct quote) and then of course doing nothing, or actively working against Vision Zero principles, in office.

I really don't disagree that we need to see people bringing this issue up constantly until officials take action. But I think you shouldn't discount how tired people are of trying to advocate for change in the face of a system that simply will not listen. The way this place is set up really wears you down.

How can we make it simple and easy for people to demand this kind of change and give them some hope that it isn't a complete waste of their time?


adwvn t1_j5jxp9l wrote

We all need to do something more in order to prevent people getting maimed or killed. If there were people out there organizing a sit-in at city hall or at politicians door steps, or wanting to record people bombarding the Mayor or Council everytime they have a public speaking engagement-- I would eagerly participate.


aintjoan t1_j5k0ga9 wrote

Maybe you should be the one to start it then!


adwvn t1_j5k2ggz wrote

Great advice, 5th Street lover