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Edison_Ruggles t1_j5k2wjm wrote

As always, my rant to the clouds: Why in fucks name does PA not require front license plates? Holy fuck - multiple photos of the front of the van and no license plate. AGAIN.


hdhcnsnd OP t1_j5kmvvu wrote

Agreed, this would be such an easy improvement that would help nab these people.

There’s a massive argument for the front plate, but the counter of “it’s ugly” wins. Madness.


StubbornLeech07 t1_j5k8ri3 wrote

Going to guess it has something to do with money.


-null-null t1_j5mutx5 wrote

Assuming we’re talking about new registrations only (single-platers could be grandfathered in), if someone can afford to buy a car they can probably afford to pay another $5 or whatever to cover the cost of a 2nd plate. The increased accountability of being able to identify bad drivers and prevent further damages and injuries would cancel out the cost of stamping out a second plate.


Kageyblahblahblah t1_j5lhi3y wrote

Ok, so they make a print out of whatever fake plate and put it on the front, if they even have plates.