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SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j5k4g6b wrote

Think about your own statement. Use a bit of common sense. If they’re brazen enough to come out and officially change 10-12 laws to not be allowed to pull over.

Imagine how much worse behind the scenes are. Also, let’s say you’re a cop. (I know you could never bc Acab and all that good stuff), but let’s play pretend. You pull someone over. They have an illegal gun. You risk your life to retrieve that gun whether it was brandished or not. The Ada or judge throws away the gun charge bc they believe the suspect was pulled over for a wrong reason. That happens 1x to a cop I guarantee they’re hesitant to bother again. Multiply they by thousands of cops with numerous instances of this happening and you get the police force that exists today.


ReturnedFromExile t1_j5k5dcv wrote

so they are allowed to and supposed to pull people over for moving violation and because of reasons they choose not to. Correct?


AKraiderfan t1_j5kbrx0 wrote

So you're saying the police aren't doing the job that they knowingly signed up for, with all the risk that they knew before hand, and we should empathize with that and be okay with it?

Okay buddy.


DonQOnIce t1_j5kcjzp wrote

Man, I wish I could just stop doing my job because I don’t like how another department follows up on the job I do.


AKraiderfan t1_j5kczkt wrote

yeah, imagine if the recycling pickup have the same attitude when they discover much of their pickup does not result in recycling. We should totally empathize and accept their decision not to do their jobs because feels!


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j5kdvra wrote

They literally throw it all in one truck more often than they separate it…edgy analogy fail On this one