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districtultra t1_j5k5zr5 wrote

Something needs to be done about enforcement, it's terrible out there as a biker and pedestrian.

Just this last weekend, I was crossing with the light across Frankford at Palmer in Fishtown and a guy came zooming through a turn and then started yelling at me for being in the crosswalk. Of course I yelled back that he was wrong. Guy pulls over and is waiting for me up the block. Luckily there was a group of us walking, otherwise I don't know what he had planned. One of my friends mentions that he could have killed someone and he responds "I don't give a fuck about pedestrians".

Oh yeah someone threatened to shoot me at the same intersection for the same type of situation just last month. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd rather be alive than right, but in both of these situations, I was well in the process of crossing when it happened.


JBizznass t1_j5k7yyb wrote

I had a lady jump out of her car and throw her coffee at my windshield for not jumping a light and mowing over pedestrians at Berks and Frankford a few years ago. I’m not sure how that saved her any time in the long run and she also wasted her iced coffee. What is wrong with people.


throw_away_antimlm t1_j5kadhd wrote

I've had people honk and yell at me for crossing Walnut at Rittenhouse Square because they had to...slow down? To let me cross the street in the crosswalk without being hit? And then had a guy start to drive while I was walking directly in front of him at ~8th and Wharton. There was even a car crossing the same direction I was walking.


ten-million t1_j5kdtr5 wrote

While sitting in a comfortable chair. It’s warm. They just have to move their feet and hands a little bit. Why is it so hard to stop?


DonQOnIce t1_j5ke4mg wrote

The impatience is out of control. It feels like every day now I have a car which will properly yield for me when I’m biking (for instance, they need to make a left turn across my lane) and someone will come up behind them and start honking like a mad person. Absolutely no consideration that people are probably yielding for a reason.


tanaciousp t1_j5mif9t wrote

Man, these comments make me feel so fucking done with this city. Things were getting better for so long but from 2019-now things have become just so much worse here. Been here over 10 years and in the last year 3 of my friends have been car jacked. Not to mention the rest of the violence happening all over. I don’t even want to walk my dog past 8 pm anymore. all this is making me think, who wants to live here and deal with this now? Certainly not middle class and above people with the ability to have better choices. This city is driving away the most important taxable group of people.

Look the idea of living in the suburbs makes me equally depressed because it’s homogenous as fuck, and not walkable whatsoever and I’m a city person . but at least the degree of which I worry about being randomly assaulted or violated in some way will go down significantly.


ColdJay64 t1_j5oel92 wrote

Almost like there was an unprecedented global pandemic that had this effect (to varying degrees) on nearly all American cities. For example, over 20 cities set homicide records in 2021.

The question is whether you have the patience and desire to wait for things to hopefully return to normal - of which you of course have no obligation to.


tanaciousp t1_j5ofp2s wrote

Yeah, if it were just me I was worried about I would stay long term. But with small children, it’s a whole different equation.