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AtBat3 t1_j64gp6q wrote

It’s great if you like going for long walks, and only long walks.


Hoyarugby t1_j64ho5v wrote

To each their own, I was the kind of kid that loved going to battlefields (yes I know VF was not a battle, I volunteered there as a teenager). One of my fondest childhood memories is my dad taking me to Gettysburg and doing a guided tour there. Love me some people dressed up in 18th/19th century costumes holding muskets

Wonder if the Valley Creek trail is back open, it got shut down last year after that massive rainstorm that flooded 676 washed big parts of it out


tuenthe463 OP t1_j64iu2f wrote

You are absolutely correct. I visit VF often, go for long hikes by myself or with friends or with my dog. I'm talking about promoting it as a tourist destination. It's just not. There's literally nothing to do but walk around and look at a few monuments.


Hoyarugby t1_j64l5mq wrote

Some people see walking around and looking at monuments as a tourist destination! Not going to be adventure tourism, but "heritage" tourism is a thing


sutisuc t1_j659rrc wrote

Gettysburg is really in a class of its own as far as battlefields go for sure


Hoyarugby t1_j65h4ua wrote

Best battlefields in the US are Antietam and Shiloh. By far the best preserved battlefields - Gettysburg is great and has more infrastructure than the rest, but the majesty of the moment falls a bit short when you see the McDonald's drive through at the center of the Union lines on Cemetery Hill

Highly underrated battlefield is Malvern Hill. Almost completely unchanged from 1862 other than a bit more tree cover


tuenthe463 OP t1_j64llrd wrote

Last Summer six of my college buddies got together and did a long weekend in Gettysburg, half day in the visitor center and then a private battlefield tour. I'm with you, buddy.


Hoyarugby t1_j65hbem wrote

A few years ago I managed to convince some of my old HS friends to take a day trip out there with me as the impromptu tour guide. I had a great time but I think I was the only one lol


T-Bird19 t1_j68f1ca wrote

If that's the one that starts by the covered bridge, yeah it's open again.


Phl_worldwide t1_j63frn3 wrote

I love that kid haha "trolley trolley trolley, I'm STARVINNN"


snake_w_arms t1_j63yu2f wrote

Growing up we lived close to Valley Forge park, my parents would take us there as a free thing to do outside the house, man was it booorrrriinng.


Gunofanevilson t1_j6430o2 wrote

My dad used to take us fruit picking in hot summer sun in CA, i hated every moment of it.


Lyeta1_1 t1_j6617py wrote

I worked for the Valley Forge tourism group for a while in grad school because they paid me decently to do almost nothing in like 2-4 hour blocks.

I would sit at the KOP mall and try to convince people that montgomery county was a tourist vacation destination to a bunch of people who pretty much lived in montco. Shockingly enough, I wasn't particularly successful. I gave out some magnets and other swag, which people will take free stuff no matter what. Got paid. Doubt they got even one hotel reservation from it.


Pro_Reserve t1_j64uakw wrote

America's first camp ground and parking lot.


Vexithan t1_j6424m4 wrote

My wife and I went to check it out one time. We walked for 30 minutes and left because it was so dull.