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BFreeFranklin t1_j63ib94 wrote

Not a big deal, huh? Weird, I thought the department wanted the city to prosecute more gun crimes.


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j63ql6h wrote

Hope he gets penalized like anyone else should. What I’m sure the dad meant is that it’s not a big deal as far as Fox29 going to his home to interview the man.

Philly police seize 12 illegal guns every single day. It’s not a big deal as this happens 4,000+ times a year but since the person is the child of VP of FOP it warrants a door know for interview.


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SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_j642yl4 wrote

Hope the bring in the atf since it’s across state lines and go after all involved. Idgaf who his dad is. I wish this kind of aggression and attention is shown to all 4,600 illegal guns confiscated


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felldestroyed t1_j655tpy wrote


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Series_G t1_j65qsn7 wrote

Mitch, pls. If you are trying to argue the diff between the Sheriff and the Police, that's a pretty thin blue line you're walking.


felldestroyed t1_j65du3j wrote

The FOP represents both?


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felldestroyed t1_j65eh8y wrote

So you're saying Philadelphia Co sheriff deputies never talk to or otherwise interact with philadelphia police officers, despite likely drinking at the same place? But sure, you're right. They are different. Sorry about the confusion there.


Ng3me t1_j63f7lo wrote

A cop approaching an illegally parked car with FOP plates? Not possible. I wonder what really happened? But I give credit for them actually arresting him.


SgtKetchup t1_j63maxl wrote

The article has a picture of the plate, there was a plate cover 1000% fogged up so you can barely see the FOP symbol, definitely illegal.

I guess the urge to harass black men surpasses their ignorance to FOP plates and plate covers.


CreditBuilding205 t1_j65qyq9 wrote

The cop says he saw him stash the gun under the seat. But the video shows the car, and it has dark (probably illegally dark) tinted windows.


mortgagepants t1_j63l5fy wrote

i wonder when all the "give them the maximum sentence" people from yesterday are gonna show up.


trashpandarevolution t1_j63wz2u wrote

Why not both


mortgagepants t1_j63xahc wrote

well the kids are 16 so they're not legal adults.


trashpandarevolution t1_j63xifb wrote

They should be tried as adults. Not a good look defending the most serious problem we have right now, kids with illegal guns, Rhynhart


mortgagepants t1_j63xst5 wrote

oh i'm sorry- violating these kids constitutional rights will fix all the gun problems? there are dozens of other things that can and should be done before you get there.

this is fucking embarrassing for the city who wrote the bill of rights.


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mortgagepants t1_j64fosy wrote

The Bill of Rights was drafted in New York City, where the federal government was operating out of Federal Hall in 1789. (The Declaration of Independence and the original, unamended Constitution were written and signed in Philadelphia.)

duly noted. thank you for the heads up.


TrentonMakes t1_j645xzq wrote

Gun charge involving a stolen gun, he absolutely should get the max.


gnartato t1_j69yg0x wrote

I don't understand how intentionally being in possession of a stolen gun doesn't automatically remove you from society for more than a hot minute. If I even fuck up my ATF paperwork I'm looking at potential fenony charges and many thousands of dollars in lawyers.


porkchameleon t1_j63vxto wrote

I don't know whom you are referring to, but just possessing an illegal gun and possessing an illegal gun during a crime are two completely different charges, no? Sentence should fit the offense, but in general I agree that book should be thrown at anyone who had an illegal firearm on them. Countries like Sweden and Japan don't fuck around with that (or drugs) whatsoever, but it's not the first world country we are talking about here.

The article said he's got top of the line lawyers, and with no priors he'll likely get off (IANAL, though), the case will be buried, and there will be no example made (I mean - smaller fish beats those charges on the daily, you really expect DA to stick it to a high profile police official's family?)

Additionally, I'll be predicting Powerball numbers at 11, stay tuned.


mortgagepants t1_j63w4n0 wrote

a lot of people yesterday were saying the 16 year olds who robbed gun stores should be tried as adults and get the maximum sentences. they're really quiet today about this situation.


napsdufroid t1_j652jrj wrote

They should be tried/sentenced as adults. Fuck that "they're children" bullshit


mortgagepants t1_j657nn0 wrote

i'm happy to make 16 year olds full adults with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges.

telling them they can work at 14, join the army at 18, smoke at 19, drink at 21, is pretty fucked up.


napsdufroid t1_j6585y3 wrote

Criminals should be treated as such, especially when it involves a felony.They don;t need any limits removed.


mortgagepants t1_j65bi3t wrote

well the same argument i got into yesterday in this exact sub is if we're doing maximum punishment for every felony, that is gonna have a lot of consequences for a lot of people. you ready for that?


napsdufroid t1_j65lsf3 wrote

Yup, because we're talking about felonies that involve violence, burglary, etc.


mortgagepants t1_j69w464 wrote

violent crime is a whole different thing. in philly they wont chase somebody for $1,000 bucks but i dont want to get my phone stole every day with no consequence.


napsdufroid t1_j69wm1a wrote

And that's exactly the felonies where "children" need to be tried/sentenced as adults.


mortgagepants t1_j69wu3h wrote

that doesn't do anything to stop the problems though. it just makes you feel good about punishing someone.


napsdufroid t1_j6a3xof wrote

> that doesn't do anything to stop the problems though

Actually it does. It gets more criminals off the streets away from decent people. Obviously not the entire solution, but if you don't see that as helping to stop the problem, you're blind, dude.


mortgagepants t1_j6a4800 wrote

i'm not blind, the data doesn't support your conclusion.

all this does is put your feelings over facts and it is not a pragmatic solution.


napsdufroid t1_j6a6b4k wrote

> all this does is put your feelings over facts

No. That's your opinion. And I never said it was THE solution. But it's definitely part of it. "Data" means nothing when people are being robbed, beaten, and killed almost daily.


mortgagepants t1_j6ad1fd wrote

do you want to actually solve the problem, or do you want to just feel good about putting a 16 year old kid in jail for 7 years for stealing a hyundai?


napsdufroid t1_j6afyr0 wrote

How about both? And it's not a matter of "feeling good." That's nonsense to support your "but they're children" agenda.. It's a matter of feeling safer, one criminal at a time.

But OK. I'll play...what's your detailed plan to solve the problem?


mortgagepants t1_j6agg6b wrote

yeah but they are children- if you want to try them as adults, give them all the rights and privileges of adults. we should not decide to punish children as adults because you feel scared.

i'm not going to lay out an entire criminology associates degree, but if you're interested, any resident or worker in philadelphia is eligible for a free library card.


napsdufroid t1_j6aixo8 wrote

So you really have no solution, or even a suggestion of one, so you give a completely condescending answer that says nothing.. Not surprising in the least.

And, no; they don't get the rights and privileges afforded adults because they committed a violent crime. That makes zero sense. But I think deep down, you know that. They deserve no special treatment. None.

Ans it's not a matter of feeling scared. It's a matter of feeling safer. There's a difference. You know that, too, but it doesn't agree with your agenda.


mortgagepants t1_j6an9l0 wrote

lol ok- you don't think they should have equal rights to you- fair trial, attorney, anything?

i could tell you all about solutions that have worked in other places in the country, and other places in the world, but you don't care, because your emphasis is on your self and how you feel. that's why you "feel" condescended to- because this entire discussion has been about your feelings and nothing else.


napsdufroid t1_j6ap3n3 wrote

Equal rights that any criminal gets, sure. As for the rest of your nonsense, that's just what it is...nonsense. You know that, too, but you choose to be condescending because that's all you have. The truly laughable part is that you somehow believe you're superior because of your nonsense,which, I assure you, you are not. lol


mortgagepants t1_j6aqmjz wrote

i don't think i'm superior to you- you seem to be taking this all so personally. my ideas are far superior to yours though, and so much so they were even enshrined in the constitution.

you know you cant defend your position morally, so you're feigning victimhood to try to make disagreeing with your ideas the same as insulting you.

trust me, i wasn't insulting you personally because i honestly don't care about you at all


napsdufroid t1_j6asp6n wrote

> my ideas are far superior to yours though,

No, they're not., and you're completely delusional to think they are. You're who can't defend your position in any way. You can't even offer a hint of a solution, but you just blabber about how others are wrong and you;re right with nothing to support your nonsense.

And trust me; a whole lot of people don't care about you in any way, shape, or form. All your downvotes in your last argument prove that.


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mortgagepants t1_j69vy02 wrote

felony tax evasion is 5 years and $100,000. if you paid your baby sitter over $600 this year without a W9, that would be the maximum penalty.


muffpatty t1_j6553ji wrote

I'm trying to read the article and eat my lunch at the same time but keep getting an auto-playing video ad for toe-nail fungus 🤢🤮


ShartPantz1 t1_j64p4dn wrote

LOL, this dummy lost any benefit from the FOP plate by illegally covering it.


th_22 t1_j6432wz wrote

I'm sure this will be forgotten about


Capkirk0923 t1_j64mtnk wrote

Probably driving a car with fake temp plates.


thekush t1_j654yuy wrote

Worse, read the article, watch the video.


justanawkwardguy t1_j641os1 wrote

So his son lives with him and was driving his car when arrested. Yeah, something tells me dad knew the son had a gun with no license at the very least, probably that it was illegally obtained too


kilometr t1_j643fb9 wrote

Probably not. It would’ve been easy for him to get his son a gun legally. He likely wouldn’t so his son stole it instead.