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go_berds t1_j68p9sm wrote

When does it close?


itwasmayham t1_j68rcmo wrote

Feb 1st, when the north side will open.


Bosssauced t1_j68v5we wrote

Are they fixing the south side for a few years so both are open later? First time I'm hearing about this


itwasmayham t1_j68vt05 wrote

Yes, north side is done opening* so they’re switching.


Beer_Is_So_Awesome t1_j69617f wrote

AFAIK, the north side is only "done" in that the overhead repairs to the bridge itself are finished. They didn't bother to make any of the improvements to the north side walkway that they did to the south side, so for the next two years cyclists, scooter and E-bike riders are going to look forward to climbing or descending two flights of stairs to get on and off the walkway on the Camden side.

I don't know how they plan to continue to provide access for disabled users. I guess they can just walk up the steps carrying their wheelchairs.



MeEvilBob t1_j69gvfj wrote

>I don't know how they plan to continue to provide access for disabled users.

The same way both Philadelphia and Camden already do, by just assuming nobody will care. I'm sure if you asked they would say something like "well, why would a disabled person be on the walkway? Wouldn't it be easier for them to just drive across?"

Same goes for bikes. Bikes, pedestrians and wheelchairs are expected to just stop existing anywhere it would be inconvenient for them to be.


cyclingman2020 t1_j69fqn0 wrote

Ugh.. I used to hate taking the stairs with my SPD-SL cleats on my shoes. Gladly took the south side the first day it reopened. Now back to the shitty north side.


hiding_in_the_corner t1_j6agiq5 wrote

They did improve the north walkway in a way - they removed the cattle chute


cyclingman2020 t1_j6nup0s wrote

That's a big improvement. I have to admit that I got pretty good at pedaling through the cattle chute before they opened the south walkway.


rushrhees t1_j68yn9k wrote

Never walked the north side as closed when I lived there but I picture the view not as good


Zhuul t1_j69svzj wrote

NJ resident who commutes checking in: This view is why I always take a rearward-facing outside seat on my train ride home. Philly has such a beautiful skyline.


notarealballerina t1_j6ag3l1 wrote

Such a major part of my running route over the last three years including my first ever half marathon two years ago. I'll miss her! Your post got me out there this afternoon although I'll try to get at least one more in before Wednesday. I wish they'd keep both sides open just for a few days. I've always wanted to do a loop!


CB_700_SC t1_j6eg4jd wrote

Thanks for the heads up. We walked it yesterday and had a blast.


xakypoo t1_j6dhckk wrote

Nooo it's closing???