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dankwildlife OP t1_j5jpeqj wrote

I like to imagine that it thinks all the eagles fandom is for him/her - and it's like "yes, I deserve this" lol


fatcat111 t1_j5jogv0 wrote

There has been a definite uptick in the number of hawks I've spotted lately. I've also seen at least one Eagle. At least something good seems to be happening.


Throw_this_away_93 t1_j5kaxoq wrote

Once we banned DDT the bald eagle population recovered incredibly well. They are considered a winter visitor in our area which coincides with January/February football. In other words, the Eagles show up in the playoffs 🦅


Dashists22 t1_j5maeeo wrote

Bald Eagles reside in Philadelphia and on every major body of water in Pennsylvania. They are residents. Not winter visitors.


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_j5jyb8o wrote

There's a huge bald eagle roosting on the radio tower in Havertown. It was just circling all day the other day, awesome sight.


electric_ranger t1_j5jpv5r wrote

I was just saying that to my dad yesterday. Saw one just chilling on the exit sign on the blue route


TrailBlanket-_0 t1_j5k4muq wrote

Anyone who wants to spot bald eagles in Philly, head on down to the absolutely amazing and we'll preserved John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Take a walk across the lake on the footpath (an amazing experience in itself) and then take a left and walk down about a mile. You'll see some signs signifying where there is a nest and you can often see them nearby or on your way!


jek39 t1_j5liwzo wrote

If you don’t mind a little drive, conowingo dam is another amazing spot. If you get there the right time you will see hundreds of them.


FGoose t1_j5qhh8x wrote

Also visit pennypack in the Delaware. It’s a hidden gem in its own right and has a nesting pair of Mated eagles that you can often see fishing in the river.


joe_chiclets t1_j5jonkf wrote

Keeping watch for west coast invaders 👀


Linkage006 t1_j5ju4mh wrote

Philadelphia Eagle: "Hmm.. I wonder what a 49er tastes like?"


jamin_g t1_j5jr50t wrote

Go Birds!


outerspace29 t1_j5kos9v wrote

Look at this handsome son of a bitch.

We have some fantastic birding here in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Practically life-changing when you see one of these guys in person


User_Name13 t1_j5jspx9 wrote

We have the coolest animal-based team name in all of sports.


GreatWhiteRapper t1_j5jqrii wrote

I have an eagle tattoo and this gal/fella is doing almost the same exact pose as what I have.

Love this photo, it’s neat to see actual physical eagles living here!


DubbleDiller t1_j5kw7tp wrote

Where on the Delaware? I think I saw one near the canal by Yardley on Saturday. Might be the same one!


dankwildlife OP t1_j5kzwz7 wrote

This one was close to the airport, there are many pairs lining the Delaware!


hbcadlac t1_j5lp4ld wrote

Eagles are handsome seagulls


b40nobody t1_j5meo3e wrote

This taken at John Heinz? If so this is my favorite bird in town, I love to check in on him from time to time


Dnvnlp t1_j5mk3fo wrote



J_stax122 t1_j5mo229 wrote

This is American as fuck. I imagine this majestic creature riding on the shoulder of George Washington while heading into war .


FGoose t1_j5qh89y wrote

Absolutely gorgeous.

Go birds.