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smug_masshole t1_j3y3pqh wrote

I'm not sure you can be in the wrong if you're on the sidewalk and a cyclist hits you. But that means when you see one riding on the sidewalk, assume they're incompetent. Sorry you got hit hard. Hope you're ok.


medicated_in_PHL t1_j3zjkyf wrote

PA state law says that bikes on sidewalks must yield to pedestrians and are required to audibly signal if they are passing, so yeah, the bike guy is 100% in the wrong.


Glystopher t1_j42ivwe wrote

Where can you find this written down? I did not know a bike bell was required


alittlemouth t1_j3y3hck wrote

It’s illegal for adults to ride bicycles on the sidewalk in the city. You weren’t in the wrong, but nobody enforces it. Hope you’re okay!


a_stone_throne t1_j3z07h6 wrote

A lawyer could enforce it if ya sue him. He broke the law and you got injured. But good luck with that in this city.


xpeebsx t1_j40tvbg wrote

Not completely. Cyclists have 50ft to dismount on a sidewalk.

EDIT: I was wrong- Any over 13 is barred from riding on sidewalk.


QuidProJoe2020 t1_j3y4yqc wrote

If you were on the sidewalk, you did no wrong. It is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk unless there are specific signs allowing you to do so, or your under 13.


project199x t1_j3yvg3q wrote

Lol I never knew this until I decided to ride my low rider downtown, a cop was trying to ticket me on jfk even tho I was on the sidewalk for literally 3 seconds.


mikebailey t1_j3zb6gu wrote

A low rider is a car so this sounded like vehicular manslaughter when I read it


project199x t1_j3zp6qk wrote

Lmfao no no a low rider bike, with the banana seat, made in the 60's and 70's I believe. The bikes they ride in stranger things


justanawkwardguy t1_j3ya8f9 wrote

I wanna know the cyclist’s reaction because it sounds like they’re not only an idiot but an asshole too


babywithahugedick t1_j3ynj0d wrote

Yeah incredibly dumb. Why would you intentionally fall off your bike?

Edit: 87 people think falling off your bike is smart and wise


rossdowdell t1_j3y50rc wrote

It's a sidewalk, not a sidebike.


FrankGrimesApartment t1_j3ydgtm wrote

What about a siderun


rossdowdell t1_j3yfhnq wrote

Running is a faster form of walking. There is no Second Vatican Council canonical standard steps-per-minute scale that establishes the difference between walking, jogging and running.

It is all arbitrary to human understanding; and a futile endeavor if being pursued by a grizzly.


throwawaitnine t1_j3zmlca wrote


There's actually a fundamental difference between walking and running. When you walk one foot is always on the ground. When you run both feet are off the ground simultaneously during each stride.


jamin_g t1_j415zda wrote

The roll of the foot is the other big one. Humans are alive today because of our ability to walk, not to run.

It takes 3 days for a human to outrun a horse.


rossdowdell t1_j3zr05t wrote

Both feet off the ground simultaneously isn't running. It's jumping.


throwawaitnine t1_j3zmu0p wrote

People who run go into a trance I swear to God. I see people running when I'm walking my dog and it's like they'll run right fucking into me or my dog like they don't even see me there and then be mad that I didn't get out of the way.


brk1 t1_j3y97f9 wrote

Not your fault. I don’t move out of the way for cyclists on the sidewalk either. Except for children and old people—they get a pass.


justanawkwardguy t1_j3yaeo7 wrote

Eh, even some old people don’t. They know what they’re doing and if they’re not courteous at least then they get no pass


mortgagepants t1_j41bkll wrote

that's what i find so frustrating. i feel like there is a big overlap between people who drive like assholes, don't want bike lanes, and on a nice day ride their bike on the sidewalk.

even the FOP has a policy that promotes police officers riding out of the street on the sidewalk.


justanawkwardguy t1_j41bvkm wrote

Can you link that FOP policy? That’s very much against the law, so interesting that they’re encouraging officers to do it


mortgagepants t1_j41c4dm wrote

lol- it's in their official handbook posted online between "beat up minorities and shoot first ask questions later"


babywithahugedick t1_j3ynt0d wrote

If someone is slowly biking down the sidewalk because there's a traffic jam on a road without a bike lane, you're a dick for not taking the half-step to the side and letting them by


AbsentEmpire t1_j3zahrm wrote

If your biking on the sidewalk regardless of road conditions, you're automatically the asshole in the situation.


babywithahugedick t1_j4bgkoe wrote

Yeah no. Who's inconvenienced more - the guy who has to take a half step to the side when I ride by him at 5mph, or the guy who has to walk his bike to work in a traffic jam because you entitled assholes don't care about or have the brain capacity to consider variable circumstances?


ramvan t1_j3z1q3c wrote

If you’re biking on the sidewalk, you’re a dick. It’s not enforced because no traffic rules are but you can get ticketed for riding on the sidewalk.


solushsi t1_j3y70hk wrote

I’m fairly certain you and everyone else knows bikes aren’t allowed on the sidewalk


Prestigious-Owl-6397 t1_j3znmpx wrote

They aren't, but when bike lanes end, are blocked, or are full of debris, your options are to either mix with 2 ton death machines or hop on the sidewalk.


CaptWillLaurence t1_j400ghj wrote

Or walk your bike.


neensy21 t1_j3yd21y wrote

You were in the right but about 2 weeks ago I was almost hit by a bike cop on the sidewalk and he yelled at me for not moving out of the way so clearly even the cops don’t follow this law


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_j3ysu13 wrote

>even the cops don’t follow this law

This is a misuse of the word "even". Cops are the last people to follow any law.


menunu t1_j41ajbm wrote

I have a friend who was bicycling a few days ago and a bicycle cop passed by her so close between her and a vehicle she made a comment to him. He proceeded to ask for her ID and tried to chase her down. She yolo'd away from him because she's a badass and her bike is better than his. It's wild out there yall be safe.


felldestroyed t1_j3yujoi wrote

If it makes you feel any better, this happened recently to me in my neighborhood. The cyclist offered to call the police, I told him to go fuck himself and have a nice day. Its simply not my responsibility to move. Cyclist is clearly in the wrong. If you're riding your bike on the sidewalk you're either knowingly breaking the law or you're a 2-12 year old trick or treating. I also say this as a person who regularly rides their bicycle in this city.


JT07 t1_j3zbxto wrote

>, I told him to go fuck himself and have a nice day

And this is when I knew I was on r/philadelphia


Disastrous-Scale-552 t1_j40baf6 wrote

Can you remember a day where you haven't heard or said some form of this at least once or twice?


justanawkwardguy t1_j4190hx wrote

What good would him calling the police do? Did he think he was in the right?


felldestroyed t1_j41a94b wrote

Yeah, that was my impression. Like it was a car accident or something? Some people just think they are the main character.


mortgagepants t1_j41bs8r wrote

i would consider that aggravated assault. you could really fuck someone up riding your bike into them.


ConfiaEnElProceso t1_j3y5orq wrote

Why would you be in the wrong? If a cyclist hits you on the sidewalk you are not he problem. I hope you're ok.

That said, cyclists often have to ride on the sidewalk on roads such as City. I do so for a couple of blocks on my way to work. The road itself is incredibly dangerous. But, i yield to all pedestrians and let them know if I'm passing. I also slow down. Riding on the sidewalk is not the problem, being a dick about it is.


psuedonymously t1_j3yn3sj wrote

If you can’t ride your bike safely on the street that doesn’t give you a license to endanger us on the sidewalk. The law isn’t “bike on the sidewalk, just don’t be a dick about it”.

Walk your bike on the sidewalk; everyone else on the sidewalk is walking, if they can manage it so can you.


shertuyo t1_j40l69l wrote

Lmao there is no in between, huh? Either the bike is on the street or it’s endangering your life, got it.


[deleted] OP t1_j3yn8ug wrote



psuedonymously t1_j3yoglf wrote

You’re going to do what you’re going to do, but don’t fool yourself that you aren’t being an asshole because you’re trying to avoid hitting pedestrians as you ride around on the sidewalk.

I’m sure, like you, a lot of those drivers you’re trying to avoid have convinced themselves they aren’t a problem because they aren’t actively trying to run down cyclists.


[deleted] OP t1_j3yp09m wrote



psuedonymously t1_j3yq9xz wrote

While we’re looking things up, what’s the law about grown ass adults riding their bikes around on the sidewalks people are using to walk?

And what are you doing that’s so important that it’s impossible for you to walk for a bit, like everyone else on the sidewalk?


napsdufroid t1_j3yrwht wrote

You can't win the argument, even though you're 100% right. He and his little biker buddies will downvote you even though they're the assholes riding on the sidewalk


Prestigious-Owl-6397 t1_j3zo8tu wrote

I don't ride on the sidewalk, but this is clearly an infrastructure problem where car centric design has forced pedestrians and cyclists to fight over scraps. Pedestrians at least get more infrastructure than cyclists, but motorists get just about everything.


scared_little_girl t1_j419jmt wrote

As a cyclist, you should not be riding on the sidewalk. If you are, anything that happens is on you.

If the street is so unsafe as to force you onto the sidewalk, get off and walk if there are pedestrians out and about.

This city is not bike friendly but we shouldn’t put pedestrians at risk. Bikers and walkers are allies.

I am a cyclist.


signedpants t1_j3ynfug wrote

Assume every cyclist in this city hates you lol. They'll run over your toddler if it means they can go just a bit faster.


bcb77 t1_j3z5t5g wrote

Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk, they were completely in the wrong.


Cobey1 t1_j3yt0o3 wrote

This bicyclist would’ve gotten his jaw tested


throwawaythedo t1_j40piz9 wrote

“I was just making sure his jaw worked, damn get off my back.”


shichimi-san t1_j3z8mha wrote

You had the right of way, but that isn’t going to heal your wounds or pay your bills. I just always assume the other guy is an idiot or doesn’t notice me—I am sometimes wrong but never disappointed.


GreenAnder t1_j421nak wrote

As an avid cyclist no, you were not in the wrong. People on bikes need to be aware of pedestrians, idiots like this give the rest of us a bad name.


aem61933 t1_j40ek56 wrote

Cyclist here. The cyclist is 100% at fault. It is called a sidewalk not a sideride!


ACatsAB t1_j3zrk27 wrote

Was this person overly aggressive and/or shouting? There's a really aggressive bike rider in this area that I've seen a few times, likely related to mental illness. Be safe out there!


Flipadelphia26 t1_j4144m2 wrote

I’m a cyclist. Bicycles are meant for the road not the sidewalk.


Defiant-Ad412 t1_j41e8rd wrote

I was walking down Chestnut on the crowded sidewalk, and a guy - about 40 - was riding up me and my GFs ass, being obnoxious because we didn’t move out of his way.

Eventually we stopped and let him pass us, and my GF made a comment as he passed. The guy snaps, turns around and starts berating us, yelling that he wanted to murder us. After a couple minutes he rode off with his fifth of Smirnoff hanging out his back pocket.

Not a single person batted an eye to two 18 YOs being followed and threatened.


Strawb3rry_Slay3r666 t1_j41un3b wrote

Your not in the wrong - it’s a sidewalk, not a sidebike. Anyone (besides children) who rides their bike on the sidewalk is a moron


herman666 t1_j426y7a wrote

The biker was definitely wrong, but I wouldn't make a habit of assuming anyone in this city will move to avoid you, whether it be on foot, on a bike or in a car. Better to be on the safe side and not run straight at a bike coming your way probably.


Waru_ t1_j42s565 wrote

Bicycles aren’t supposed to be on the sidewalk in the first place so you’re 100% not in the wrong


WeNeedElon t1_j4263va wrote

If I'm on my bicycle on the sidewalk, I am to a crawl. If i see a person, they have complete right of way. I don't even ask them to move.


Waru_ t1_j42ritl wrote

Bicycles aren’t supposed to be on the sidewalk in the first place so you’re 100% not in the wrong


starstar420 t1_j4739ww wrote

cyclist should not be on sidewalk. cyclist fault


Adam__B t1_j4133wc wrote

If you see someone bicycling on the sidewalk, assume they don’t know what they’re doing. Or, they are a food delivery service, in which case, they’ll probably stop unexpectedly and you should be looking out for that.


GearyGarfield t1_j4da5zl wrote

They were in the wrong, you are not supposed to ride a bike on a sidewalk.


therealsteelydan t1_j411spc wrote

The city of Philadelphia is in the wrong for giving too much space for cars and not enough for other transportation modes.


whittles888 t1_j429z8k wrote

Uphill has the right of way. Hikers and bikers know that. That guy knows that. It’s common courtesy. And unless there was a dangerous situation in the road, he should never have been on the sidewalk. He should have been walking his bike.


terradactle t1_j3zft7a wrote

If a pedestrian and a cyclist collide on a sidewalk the cyclist is always going to be at fault so you’re all good. Obviously you’re supposed to bike in the street but it is completely suicidal to attempt that on city ave. I bike commute to city ave sometimes and am guilty of riding on the sidewalk because the alternative seems way too dangerous


Prestigious-Owl-6397 t1_j3zohak wrote

People are downvoting you, but they know it's dangerous for cyclists to mix with cars.


terradactle t1_j40y4tb wrote

For the most part I’d say it’s not, but I’m not sure these people are familiar with city ave lol


Prestigious-Owl-6397 t1_j43g65h wrote

Depends on the street. Residential side streets are usually fine if they're narrow, but arterial roads and other non residential roads aren't safe. I don't trust drivers to pass me safely. Not to mention intersections and business entrances can create conflict points where drivers right hook cyclists.


babywithahugedick t1_j3yn94q wrote

I'm a fairly aggressive bike rider but even I slow it down if I have to move to the sidewalk. Sounds like you encountered a real asshole today


throwawaitnine t1_j3zm5do wrote

If you ride your bicycle on the sidewalk and are older than 12 you are the exact equivalent of drivers who park in the bike lane.


babywithahugedick t1_j4bgpua wrote

Cars in gridlock + cars parked in bike lane + riding bike slowly on sidewalk to get past the traffic = biker is asshole? You guys are fucking stupid lol