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felldestroyed t1_j3yujoi wrote

If it makes you feel any better, this happened recently to me in my neighborhood. The cyclist offered to call the police, I told him to go fuck himself and have a nice day. Its simply not my responsibility to move. Cyclist is clearly in the wrong. If you're riding your bike on the sidewalk you're either knowingly breaking the law or you're a 2-12 year old trick or treating. I also say this as a person who regularly rides their bicycle in this city.


JT07 t1_j3zbxto wrote

>, I told him to go fuck himself and have a nice day

And this is when I knew I was on r/philadelphia


Disastrous-Scale-552 t1_j40baf6 wrote

Can you remember a day where you haven't heard or said some form of this at least once or twice?


justanawkwardguy t1_j4190hx wrote

What good would him calling the police do? Did he think he was in the right?


felldestroyed t1_j41a94b wrote

Yeah, that was my impression. Like it was a car accident or something? Some people just think they are the main character.


mortgagepants t1_j41bs8r wrote

i would consider that aggravated assault. you could really fuck someone up riding your bike into them.