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“I caught hell in the depot the next day,” DeShields, 38, said, on a day off from his regular 4:30 p.m.-to-2:05 a.m. shift. “My coworkers were laughing and teasing me, saying, ‘We heard you were Batman."

"He noted, “I’ll get my revenge.”

Lol, dude's hilarious, and also a hero. We need more guys like this. Saves the day, then gets back on the bus and does his job.

"With the danger over, he said, he stepped down from the bus for a minute to ask people in a bar to watch the woman until she was able to get help. And then he got back in and continued the route “to get my passengers home.”

Also DeShields is an appropriate name for someone who steps up to shield a woman from criminals when she's in danger.


NextTimeIllMeanIt t1_j6n8apa wrote

—Also DeShields is an appropriate name for someone who steps up to shield a woman from criminals when she's in danger.

I feel like some vocab bot saying this: it is “aptronymic”

Thank you posting the article clip- it made me read the whole thing. And yes! Such a good dude.

(Edited to correct autocorrect)


Pantone802 t1_j6n4vca wrote

What an awesome guy. The city should give him and his fiancé a spot on a float when the birds win the Super Bowl.


User_Name13 t1_j6ncxzi wrote

He should run for Mayor.

At least I know he actually cares about his fellow citizen, which is more than I can say about a lot of our politicians.


NoWarrantShutUp t1_j6nmdx7 wrote

Why is a spot on the float your first thought before tickets to the game lmao, interesting, not knocking it just makes me chuckle because floats are kinda dope


electric_ranger t1_j6nppwn wrote

He wouldn't need a flight, hotel, etc. Can watch in the comfort of his home, and then shotgun beers with Kelce on a float?


Trowed_Away t1_j6mwb5o wrote

He deserves a medal - seriously took a big risk to help someone in need.


PhillyAccount t1_j6n77rg wrote

Very glad that he didn't get in trouble for this.


carolineecouture t1_j6nqehn wrote

Yeah, the tone of the spokesperson made me a bit scared for a second, but once it made the papers I don't think they will do anything against him. Probably just warn others not to do that in the future.

Do bus drivers have communications with police from the buses? Can they call for help?


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Ask the railroad union members how much it helps. Spoiler....not at all. They do have decent benefits though.


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rovinchick t1_j6ouqw1 wrote

It's the same union, but different locals. It was the United Transportation Union, but they merged with Sheet Workers to make the SMART union. In any event, they are terrible and a SEPTA bus driver even proved that the union was actively working against him and aiding SEPTA in disability bias. He won a $284k judgement against the union.


TreeMac12 OP t1_j6mw66f wrote

In front of Fishtown Tavern


LoudGroans t1_j6n3tld wrote

Wow. 10:40 p.m. on any day of the week outside fishtown tavern is still going to have foot traffic. People are getting ballsy and desperate out there.


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TreeMac12 OP t1_j6o65mt wrote

>You don't steal cars out of desperation

A three-on-one attack on a woman


nowtayneicangetinto t1_j6p63rq wrote

It happens all the time around here now. It's like every other day I get an alert that someone was carjacked in fishtown. Just a few days ago someone shot someone attempting to carjack them on mascher


Windstance t1_j6n99n4 wrote

Holy shit, I was in the bus when this happened and had no idea why it stopped blocking the entire street for a couple of minutes. Mf really just got back in and continued on like nothing had happened.


NoTradeClause19 t1_j6n9jsk wrote

Defund the police and fund SEPTA bus drivers. They're the true heroes in this city. Busses are a delight to ride in this city and I'm bummed I didn't really start riding them until recently.


ferrusmannusbannus t1_j6nd9jm wrote

Kinda wild. 1030 in front of fishtown tavern is pretty safe and lots of people are still around. Mfs getting wild


AbsentEmpire t1_j6nk2h0 wrote

It's getting completely out of control because there are zero consequences for doing it.

The cops aren't likely to arrest for it, and on the off chance they do catch the car jacker the DA lets them off on reduced charges; so they're back out in the street doing it again within a few days.


Aromat_Junkie t1_j6nm00m wrote

because they're 14 year old

system is broken


AbsentEmpire t1_j6nnc7q wrote

My hot take is that a 14 year old armed car jacker is in fact a danger to society, and should be sent to juvenile prison. They should not be allowed to continue terrorizing and attacking members of society solely because of their age.

Regardless the people involved in car jackings do tend to be older than 14.


Aromat_Junkie t1_j6np33f wrote

I don't disagree. There's a reason 3rd world countries are the way they are and enlightened ones are, well enlightened.

3rd world countries are barbaric and cruel because the economic situations force them to be so. Once their economic conditions improve a lot of problems are solved.

if you have bands of armed 14 years olds running around, you're heading in the direction of 'chopping arms off is a good response'.


ForwardPress t1_j6obivb wrote

These stick-up kids aren't armed. Car thieves usually lurk in the night and steal your car while you are sleeping. New key tech requires them to steal the car while the keys are in it. Which usually includes you.


LowPermission9 t1_j6omg0s wrote

So what consequence would you impose upon these children.


AbsentEmpire t1_j6pb7r2 wrote

A stint in a juvenile detention center no where near the city, and a case worker assigned to figure out what the issue is and direct appropriate services to address it.


nolandeluca t1_j6piizz wrote

Yup just carry your 9 and end them, you'll get off too if you have a ccw


ColdJay64 t1_j6nn8r2 wrote

The article goes out of its way to say that there weren't many people out


UndercoverPhilly t1_j6oohs5 wrote

Doesn't matter. Here in Philly no bystander would have helped her. This bus driver deserves a raise!


Salaco t1_j6nvqy8 wrote

The Virgin PPD officer


The Chad SEPTA bus driver


scruffygem t1_j6nrsdw wrote

Dude’s name, face, and route number being broadcast. Hope he doesn’t get assassinated.


BigTittyGothGF_PM_ME t1_j6nluqe wrote

It would be sick if we had police in our city that did literally anything so this bus driver didn't have to risk his life.


nowtayneicangetinto t1_j6p6mn6 wrote

In all fairness, the police couldn't have been there that fast. The bus happened to be right there as she was car jacked. But other than that I totally agree with you, they seemingly do nothing. We've been left to police ourselves


SClub909 t1_j6n9d7m wrote

People getting carjacked at that location should be a huge red flag.

Why live or raise a family here when your wife or GF could get carjacked in whats suppose to be a very safe area right now and a high foot traffic area at that.

Outside fishtown tavern.

After people were making fun of fishtown for hiring private security.


ColdJay64 t1_j6ovqsw wrote

It's incredibly uncommon for this area, it's still very safe overall.

I have no problem with the idea of private security, PPD doesn’t seem to have any presence in Fishtown when I’m there.


nowtayneicangetinto t1_j6p70dt wrote

It used to be uncommon years ago, now it happens pretty frequently. The police admitted to it a few months ago during a local meeting at Friends of St Laurentius


ColdJay64 t1_j6pdw91 wrote

How much have they increased? Has the increase been commensurate with the rise in these incidents across the city/country, or at a higher rate? In the 30 largest cities in the US, the average increase between 2019 and 2022 was 59%.


nowtayneicangetinto t1_j6pieuh wrote

Don't you feel like that response is normalizing carjackings? Crime is something that hits home even if it's consistently rising across the country, it hurts all the same. The point I'm making is that carjackings were not common 10 years ago in fishtown. If one happened it was a big deal. Now there are carjackings constantly. Even with crime up across the country, car jackings are exponentially more common in the city than burbs that are minutes outside of the city.


felldestroyed t1_j6oede1 wrote

Still much more likely to be a victim of a serious, life debilitating car accident on my 25 minute commute from the burbs than a victim of a violent crime in fishtown. My chances of being a victim even go down when I don't really go out past 10pm.


AbsentEmpire t1_j6nkob4 wrote

The hero we need, give that man tickets to the super bowl.


tastycakebiker t1_j6nlq46 wrote

Why haven’t we seen this on a single local news outlet?


Hoyarugby t1_j6o7s12 wrote are reading an article on a news outlet


FUN_LOCK t1_j6o05wc wrote

It's an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It says it right at the top of the article.

It's available there too.