Submitted by BlackJack5027 t3_10j1crw in philadelphia

Hello Philly brain trust, basically the title. Looking for good furniture (dining and bedroom, in particular) that isn't the wobbly, particle board crap you get at IKEA and Raymour & Flanigan. I know Amish country might be worth a look, but I'm also hoping to get something with a modern look. I'm sad that Dane Decor in Downingtown closed, else I'd probably start there.



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leithal70 t1_j5htnbt wrote

There’s a place in Port Richmond called Mid Century Furniture. It’s expensive but they have really good quality furniture, most of it being mid century modern


14FunctionImp t1_j5jnh1o wrote

There's a dude in a warehousewarehouse near Chestnut Hill who restores MCM furniture and sells it on. We got a couple of dressers from him, very nice stuff and a nice dude.


NewPhillyResident t1_j5hvuhx wrote

The Philadelphia Table Company (showroom open by appointment at 3rd and Race by near all the high end furniture stores) does custom woodwork for just about any furniture other than chairs. Price wise about 3-5k for a dining room sized table. Very solid work, we have several pieces from them at this point.


no483828 t1_j5jfejc wrote

Agree! We got an awesome dining room table from them!


Dryheavemorning t1_j5hu8xf wrote

You can check out 6 different high end furniture stores on 3rd between Race and Arch and a couple more close by.


moneybagels t1_j5kda9i wrote

This isn't necessarily a Philadelphia recommendation, but there's lots of people on IG who restore and and resell MCM furniture, you DM them to buy, and you can get it delivered with a pretty reasonably priced delivery service. This is one in the North Jersey area that we've bought two dressers from, this is another example, and here's one that's actually in Philly. Just some examples, there's lots of accounts out there.

If you're cool with not seeing things in person before buying, it's a pretty good option for unique, high quality furniture.


hiding_in_the_corner t1_j5jeqg4 wrote

It might not be your style but Howard Hill used to only sell solid wood furniture.

They also used to be located right over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Pennsauken but they've moved to Marlton.


porfaa t1_j5mvsby wrote

Mode Moderne (Old City)

Millésimé (Old City)

Usona (CC)

The Modern Republic (Northern Liberties)

Philadelphia Table Company (Old City — lots of beautiful woodwork!)


taskermorrisrider222 t1_j5kux34 wrote

Amish. There's a place called Creative Dinettes in South Jersey that does a really great job and contracts with the Amish. Free delivery, custom-made pieces, good prices.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j5j65b6 wrote

RH outlet at the Philadelphia premium outlets has solid furniture.

It's expensive furniture but I'm not judging. If you're okay with second hand stuff, estate sales always has solid wood furniture


BlackJack5027 OP t1_j5jb06s wrote

I always forget about estate sales. Guess I gotta check the papers haha.


jeffseidl92 t1_j5sfx58 wrote

There are many forested areas replete with trees you could use to handcraft some furniture yourself.