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mrhariseldon890 t1_j5vhw98 wrote

The sewer that carries Mill Creek collapsed in the 50s and took like two blocks of 50th and Parrish with it.

It is also the reason the El does not continue underground all the way to 69th St. They couldn't figure out how to safely tunnel under it.


Amadeum t1_j5vixtx wrote

Well, you learn something new every day


mrhariseldon890 t1_j5vmqwq wrote

You can see the tunnel they started back in the 30s or 40s if you sit on the left side of westbound MFL trains right before the 44th street portal. Its blink and you'll miss it.


catjuggler t1_j5xpyy8 wrote

Thanks I always wondered about that and just assumed it was to save money in less dense (but still dense) areas