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squee_bastard t1_j5wdjjh wrote

Used to live in that neighborhood 20+ years ago and hearing this blows my mind. When I lived at 48th and Pine in 2000 there were a ton of abandoned properties around me. I can remember an entire block that had apartment buildings on both sides that were burned out and boarded up.


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_j5ybmo3 wrote

There are still pockets of that around, it's pretty block-by-block. But by and large, it's getting gentrified af. Especially around Clark Park / bordering the penn campus, it's getting tough to find anything that isn't approaching $1mil.


squee_bastard t1_j5yvj8t wrote

I left in 2004 and it’s amazing to see how much has changed since then. If i knew then what i know now I would have bought property back then and not moved to NYC but c’est la vie.


StevenFromPhilly t1_j5zseya wrote

It all looks very nice but you'd have to be a shut-in.
Of the almost 60 neighborhoods/areas of Philly its top 10 in crime.
Not at all worth what is being said.