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CommunicationTime265 t1_j5vtngd wrote

I very much doubt it would be even close to that. Most homes in that area are going for 500k.


CathedralEngine t1_j5wdf9l wrote

Easily. I was living in a house on 44th right by Baltimore 17 years ago and decided to check the property records. The landlord bought it in the low 100s in the mid-90s, and the house was valued at close to 400k less than a decade later.


StevenFromPhilly t1_j5vwqwf wrote

Who in the hell is paying that to be a hermit?


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_j5yb4kp wrote

Buddy I'm not thr biggest fan of west philly, or cities in general, but if you think west philly is some sort of dangerous bombed out hellhole, you obviously haven't been here in decades, or possibly ever.

Specifically the area being discussed here is one of the nicest parts of town there is. People jogging and pushing strollers. Old ladies on porches. Kids playing in the street. And yes, people walking their dog. I can't think of a time I've ever felt legitimately unsafe here.

The real estate prices are far too high, I'll give you that, but that's almost exclusively compared to the shoebox-level of square footage you get in most of these rowhomes, especially if you have or want to start a family.


GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_j5yd7rb wrote

LOL, my kid literally goes out on their own or with friends all the time. As an elementary school student. Our block is safer than Rittenhouse according to crime stats. Penn police are here in less than 5 minutes if I need them.

You’re fucking delusional.


StevenFromPhilly t1_j5zv67g wrote

Oof. Must have a lot of kids.


GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_j6014yr wrote

I don’t. Not sure what your point is. Is it that I have sex with a woman? Is that what freaks you out?


StevenFromPhilly t1_j601a36 wrote

I meant you must have kids to spare. You knew that though.


GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_j601wdf wrote

No, I didn’t because you really suck at this. There hasn’t been a physical assault nearby my home in over 10 years.

Just admit you so t know a damn thing about Spruce Hill.