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catjuggler t1_j5xps1x wrote

Aka best house, right?!


Buddy_Fluffy t1_j5y29on wrote

Best House replaced Wurst House and then Clarkville replaced Best House.


jbphilly t1_j5ykqq7 wrote

The most infuriating renaming in history. Did they not understand the concept of a pun?!


catjuggler t1_j5z4uow wrote

I see it as a continuation of the pun. Clarkville was worse- yuck. Pizza was good though- haven't been there in years so no idea of the current state


jbphilly t1_j5z9pfr wrote

Clarkville is just a terrible name. I haven't eaten there since pre-covid though so not sure how good the place is nowadays.