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pwopah_ t1_j6obw2i wrote

I swear, there are so many pretty buildings in this city that I have walked past a million times and never once noticed.


User_Name13 t1_j6o4tma wrote

IDK why, but that's one good looking fire escape.


ColdJay64 OP t1_j6obj4s wrote

This isn't even it's best angle!


User_Name13 t1_j6og280 wrote

As someone who takes a lot of pictures, can you tell me what makes this fire escape pop?

Is it that it's freshly painted?


twoweeeeks t1_j6olhqc wrote

I used to live in this building. The ironwork is intricate and just stunning in person. People would stop to take pictures every day.

Here's a view from inside (featuring my cat).


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j6p30vq wrote

That was neat; thank you. I walk past that building ever day and have always find it intriguing.


ColdJay64 OP t1_j6ow1ga wrote

My thought is that it's the awesome ironwork combined with somewhat shiny paint.


Hollow_Rant t1_j6ob5hu wrote

RIP Stroller Mafia Wawa(not to be confused with Stab City Wawa at Broad and Walnut).


ColdJay64 OP t1_j6obqet wrote

This Wawa was solid when I lived across the street, I was surprised it closed. My friend who works at corporate thinks they might use the space as a catering hub.


Hollow_Rant t1_j6odl4l wrote

Probably because of rampant theft and it being a shitshow when school lets out .


PurpleWhiteOut t1_j6ondj3 wrote

Stab city Wawa did moonlight as methadone mom Wawa at certain times of day


hiding_in_the_corner t1_j6o54e2 wrote

Is there a better looking set of fire escape stairs in the city?


robo45h t1_j6p5xny wrote

I'm not sure there's a better looking set of fire escape stairs anywhere in the US.


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j6p3bbq wrote

I thought that the Boba King would never open. I haven't seen many people patronizing it, so I don't know how long it will last, then again I thought almost the same about Van Leeuwen, which hasn't closed yet.

I miss Grocery sometimes. It's funny how my first two years in Philadelphia, 2018 and 2019, sometimes almost feel like a lost youth.


ColdJay64 OP t1_j6p6m1t wrote

Van Leeuwen's seems super busy all the time in the summer so I'm not worried about that, I believe they are doing well and continuing to expand in the city.

Regarding Boba King, I hope it stays awhile as it's a nice looking space. It might be harder to judge how they are doing walking by as many people probably just order/pickup and go.


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j6pa9g1 wrote

I guess that I never pass Van Leeuwen at prime trading hours or naybe I'm just still bitter about the loss of Capogiro Gelato.

If anything can prosper in those spaces, I'm glad of them.


Adorable_Remote3860 t1_j6pie10 wrote

I use to live right on that block in tje late 90's! Your back is to the apartment building that I lived in. Pretty sure it's not there anymore...