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[deleted] t1_j71x99d wrote

Just the headline of this hurts (I tried to read the article but it wants my email and stuff so no). I’m just wondering what large organ do we use to make sense of our experience?


70Ytterbium t1_j720frr wrote

Waste of time. Use your preferred organ to experience sapience, last time I checked there were no rules about organ predilection.


Fluck_Me_Up t1_j732zc1 wrote

I hate you organ supremacists. I prefer to experience reality through the use of minerals and the occasional alpha particle emission, and your organ-based propaganda isn’t going to win me over


70Ytterbium t1_j7390in wrote

Ah yeah, the old straight-edge mineralist. What's next? Are you going to force feed us the ol' panpsychism propaganda?


Myl0high t1_j73ouna wrote

Let’s not forget this was from a human and well that would be considered bias