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Whatsupmydude420 t1_j7h493d wrote

Very good explanation of flow and taking neuroscience into acount without making it to complex.

One thing I would like to add is that you can get to a state of flow through meditation as well.

By taking your time to let every intrusive thought go by till your reach the no thought realm. This no thought realm and only consciousness can be felt in the seconds even without that much training.

You basically try to observe the seconds that pase by between each thought. This feeling of not thinking you than try to extend.

Source: own experience and making sense by sam Harris


FrankDrakman t1_j7iacqj wrote

I used to do TM when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, years of bad choices have made it extremely difficult; I have so much stress I can't "go under". Gotta keep working on that..


kex t1_j7jai6b wrote

I never even learned the concept of mindfulness until I took a mid-life sabbatical and happened upon it after my curiosity reemerged about a month into the break

I was on autopilot for decades

Contemporary life is way too busy