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Stornahal t1_j7hl7rr wrote

I routinely achieve something like this on the food assembly line at work - balancing cooking more beef on the grill, chicken in fry cats with toasting buns & assembling food, I end up in a sort of calm ‘Center of the typhoon’ mode. Until someone comes in and tries to help.

Edit: Just noticed ‘fry cats’


SolaireOfSuburbia t1_j7i80zd wrote

My center of the typhoon moment was at a party on an upstairs apartment, having consumed a tab of acid, a four loko, and some flora. I was very intoxicated. Everybody was being too loud and I was in the corner in a zen state suggesting that we all be considerate of our downstairs neighbors so that we didn't have our mellow harshed by the law.


CJLocke t1_j7j506k wrote

I'm a chef and I feel exactly the same, someone once described me as "relentlessly calm, even when we're getting steamrolled". I'm not calm I'm just in the zone.