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Dragon_Fisting t1_j7j7kt5 wrote

Practicing Wu Wei is the polar opposite to trying to achieve a flow state. Flow is when your experience, skills, environment, and activity line up to allow you to perform at a high level with less perceived effort.

Trying to get into a flow state, or trying to utilize flow to accomplish something, is centered around changing things. Athletes, engineers, musicians, etc., pour time and effort into achieving a flow state. They develop their skills, they control their environments, they organize their tasks.

Wu Wei is about doing none of those things. Wu Wei is the concept that instead of changing the world to achieve your goals, accept the world as it is. A literal approach would be to say it is to not have any goals at all, to simply exist with as little attachment as possible to any worldly thing. A more flexible modern interpretation is to adjust your goals around reality instead of trying to change reality to suit your goals. You will always be in a flow state, if you are always doing the most suitable thing to be done at a certain time and place with your specific skills.