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ChaoticEvilBobRoss t1_j7jegsw wrote

I've experienced flow, or Wu Wei, many times in life. Often when doing sports, writing, coding, playing video games, or even conversing. It's a wonderful state of being where you're flying along on the wings of possibility. Maintaining this state, mostly through learning how to diminish or dissolve the self, will allow you to be successful and happy in whatever it is that you do. I strive for a life that is filled with opportunities for flow so that I am filling my time with meaningful practices.

With that being said, I am able to achieve flow the best during times where I've focused on meditation and mindfulness. Being present is a prime component of flow. Presence is required to tap into the source code or magic in a moment and carry it to the next. The self doesn't matter anymore and instead, it's just what is. If you're reading this and have even considered taking up meditation, I highly recommend it.