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JackofAllTrades30009 t1_j919js3 wrote

I would contend that in a place like Wales, the (comparatively to the US) low cultural diversity and the notion that Welsh cultural survival under British hegemony (at least within the sphere of the UK) is not guaranteed is what brings about that social cohesion. I imagine as well that the social cohesion in Cardiff is less than out in the countryside as well. Then again, I’m not speaking from experience so I might be completely off base


AllanfromWales1 t1_j91h5m8 wrote

Pretty much right on both points, except that historically the 'British' were the Welsh, driven back to this corner of the island by Anglo-Saxons and others. Brythonic Celts is where 'Britain' comes from. What resentment there is gets directed towards the English (which, incidentally, I am) not the British.