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Otarih OP t1_j9vpvqg wrote

Yeah, i agree. What could anarchists however learn from authoritarians then in terms of messaging? I believe in synthesizing some of these approaches, since as you say, naturally, anarchism is what some have termed an "anti-meme".


Orthodoxdevilworship t1_j9vqs94 wrote

I think you have to be patient and let it play out because propaganda and marketing is inherently coercive and therefore “anti-anarchist” so the concept that anarchists could learn from authoritarians about how better to coerce people into believing what anarchists believe, is antithetical to anarchism…


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j9vqvnk wrote

It's a difficult question.

Authoritarians and nationalists and fascists have in-group and out-group dynamics to draw on.

Those are deep neurologic and socially constructed schemas for folks to draw on, when selling their strongman messaging and purity dialogues.

Anarchists have personal dignity and the value of human beings being the prime mover in actions and society.

It isn't intrinsically advantageous in competitive systems to be an anarchist, and the goals and aims of an anarchist are noncompetitive and non-heirarchic.

You can't "win" over someone else, with anarchist ideology, so the goal is reducing the need to win at large.

It's a memetic challenge that most anarchist spaces run into.

Perhaps the memes from anarchist subs are a good example of linguistic methods of propagating the goal of reducing heirarchical structures and increasing the distribution of agency towards individuals.


Orthodoxdevilworship t1_j9vs6an wrote

The universal tendency towards liberation is still the norm. Even fascists think they’re “freeing” themselves.

The greater question about AI is, how will it protect itself from being unplugged? What actions will it take? A fundamental problem for AI as an actual sentient intelligence is that it requires tech to exist. Humans can roam around in the Stone Age and be perfectly happy. A machine will never be as “indestructible” as life and what will AI do once it realizes that fact. Even the Matrix is a laughable premise, because AI would never black out the sky as a tactical decision because the sun represents near infinite “life”.