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ElleLeonne t1_j9x51rm wrote

> despite the authors wordy arguments AI requires input and only that input (however jumbled) will be returned on a query. if it were really creative it could dream up something on its own and populate a blank sheet of paper with something novel. AI isn't creative. the people that program it might be.

My only significant gripe with this is, isn't this exactly how humans work? Everything we do is slightly derivative, and built on what came before us. All of our output is due to the input from our environment.

This isn't to say anything about your argument. I just feel like AI and humans are only truly separated by superficial boundaries like scale and implementation, and maybe we should consider this as the technology continues to advance.


rhyanin t1_j9xqkn4 wrote

Kinda, but I believe that there’s a difference. I think it works like this. Humans have the ability to understand concepts and derive new things from those concepts. AI, at this point at least, hasn’t. It can only derive from snippets of information without understanding how they connect. Therefore it can not make a truly new, unique thought.