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rejectednocomments t1_jbm51q0 wrote

I think there’s a big leap here.

So our senses aren’t entirely reliable, and it’s conceivable that we experience colors differently. Is reality itself called into question by this!

Has any doubt been raised about wavelengths of light? Or minds?


WrongdoerOk6812 OP t1_jbmb2ci wrote

I'm mostly asking questions about how realistic our perception and descriptions of that reality are. Assuming we already experience things we already consider as reality such as colors differently, In other words: does physics accurately describe how reality is or only the ways in which we all perceive the same relative differences between stuff compared to each other.

Another question could be if there is really something like empty space in which we and everything we see exists? Or is it rather a characteristic of al the matter and / or energy or whatever reality is made of, which we all just perceive in relatively the same way?


rejectednocomments t1_jbmcwij wrote

Okay. You might want to think about the presentation to make your purpose more clear.

You might also want to look at Kant.


FluentFelicity t1_jbmj5am wrote

Second this. OPs reply sounds exactly like a crude intro to Kant's metaphysics.


WrongdoerOk6812 OP t1_jbmjjpp wrote

Thanks for the tip. It's not always easy to translate these kinds of ideas and questions into words without having an academic background. Did a quick search on Kant, and it seems like his first critical work could cover some inspiring points. Might well be worth a closer look, indeed.