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WenaChoro t1_jbwxmx6 wrote

Lets remember that forcing a diagnostic label in mental healt is firstly a requirement from the US insurance system


OpenMindedShithead t1_jbxkvyt wrote

This is a fact. My girlfriend is going to school at northwestern to be a counselor and she said they only get paid if they diagnose a client. So basically if you see a counselor you’re gonna get diagnosed with something.

Idk, seems off to me.


mrcsrnne t1_jc1hdro wrote

Perverse incentives. I wonder how much of worlds problems could be solved just by adjusting incentives a little bit…


WKK417J t1_jbx04md wrote

Hi, I know. I'm so grateful for not being yoked to that system.


WhittlingDan t1_jbytlmk wrote

There are categories called other than or not otherwise specified type which basically means we are calling it X but also labeling that you don't me the normal criteria for the diagnosis. I have some diagnosis like that. I tend to smile and get chatty when meeting people and I am also well spoken, polite and with good manners so I don't present as someone with chronic Major Depression amongst some other stuff. Its basically a combination of long time masking of my mood and how my anxiety presents itself. I smile a lot and get very talkative and "social" but its anxiety. I also isolate a lot so I get fairly lonely and when I am in a situation I have to interact with people all the above happens.


WenaChoro t1_jbz8g8a wrote

yea but that NS categories are even more of a clinician thing, because its too easy to put everything into that "non specified" bag