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Adiwik t1_jc55dmd wrote

the best part of this weed, is that it allows me to visualize the whole world at once, half awake, half asleep, all bullshiting themselves that tomorrow is a thing, but when you dont sleep like normal, you realize the depths of previous thinkers


TruthandLaw t1_jc4to63 wrote

I think you're right, and this is a very powerful and down-to-earth philosophy.

The way I see it, Care is the spiritual currency, and that's basically what we choose to spend our time doing, feeling, and thinking


Lota4 t1_jc5lwb1 wrote

I wish money didn’t exist, I try SO hard to ignore it, but it’s all around us, governing our daily life. I tell myself I don’t care, but I still crave the cushion of having money. I tell myself that I would defy the statistics of rich people being unhappy, because I, unlike everyone else, will spend it well. Haha


breadandbuttercreek t1_jc5ogci wrote

Time is change, things always change, we can't stop it. The key is to control change, change things for the better. You shouldn't obsess over time or money, try to find things of value in your life. Time will keep marching on whatever you do, but you can use rationality and wise decisions to improve your life.


BernardJOrtcutt t1_jc5tbxe wrote

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