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Superb_Temporary9893 t1_jdj00vb wrote

Dear booze… we must now part. I despair that you are not edifying my grand aesthetic life experience. I feel I must better be served by…..chlorinated tap water with a dash of forever chemicals. Yes that shall purify my imagination and appreciation.


Fellowshipofthebowl t1_jdi7jr4 wrote

Thanks for the read. I enjoyed Kant in college. I studied art and philosophy. I like his sobering view of intoxicants here….

“Just as such instances of imaginative abandon never result in great works of art, the aesthetic experience of intoxication – however powerful – lacks the edifying qualities Kant attributed to ‘the beautiful’.”


RanCestor t1_jdjojmq wrote

Lectures about morals and ethics involving alcohol rarely stick.


MarketCrache t1_jdm3qlg wrote

Alcohol's great danger is that it is a displacement activity, robbing us of the time that could be spent on meaningful pursuits and gradually taking over until it can often become the primary but inferior outlet for private actions.


FrancisPoe t1_jdkru34 wrote

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.


Shanepatricksday t1_jdoifhe wrote

Interesting read. I’m intrigued by the idea that intoxication is an inability to classify experience according to the laws of nature. If we approach an intoxicant like this can’t we (at least potentially) go hog-wild reclassifying our experiences to find a new-ish flavor of being for us individually? Isn’t that a well established idea? The whole thing of “blah, weed makes me creative?”


kitri22 t1_jdzah8v wrote

Thanks Kant, I'll drink to that