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greencycles t1_ir1tg12 wrote

So we should strive to eliminate suffering? No.

Meaning is derived almost exclusively from the human struggle against suffering. Even most art reflects the artists suffering (ptsd, trauma, writer's block, boredom, mental illness). There are degrees to suffering and EVERY HUMAN experiences it to some degree.

Community is the most effective structure standing firm against suffering. Community sends a message to the individual that "we see your struggle and it's valid, you're not alone against suffering, keep going."

Eliminating suffering is a human impossibility. It's as important a concept as joy or sadness or intelligence. Everyone suffers.


Drakolyik t1_ir44nsm wrote

Even if we cannot eliminate all suffering, we should be striving to eliminate as much suffering as possible.

Much like how we view Utopian ideals. Or the idea of perfection.

You've assigned your own meaning to suffering that many other humans disagree with, while acting as if your opinion is an objective reality/fact. That's a heaping ton of hubris.

Everyone suffers but some suffer unnecessarily while others inflict it on those around them despite having the capacity to reduce or eliminate a lot of said suffering. In my life experience, people that espouse beliefs like yours tend to be extremely privileged or very religious or both. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


greencycles t1_ir74un2 wrote

Meaning and purpose is derived from the struggle against suffering. I never argued to "let suffering win" or "don't even bother struggling against suffering."

A suffering-free utopia is an impossibility. It's incompatible with human nature (at this stage in evolution). My argument is: The best we can all do is support each other throughout our unique individual (temporary) struggle against suffering. It appears that humankind, as a group, will ALWAYS have to struggle against suffering.

Tip: you're allowed to disagree with me, but please avoid the name-calling because that behavior makes me wanna stop reading your response.


goodcommasoft t1_irfvxt7 wrote

I think the ultimate world is one in which we continue to move forward cancelling suffering left and right while at the same time suffering in how hard we’re working to reach that better world. Anything outside of that is just a cherry on top.


MyNameIsNonYaBizniz t1_ir65zwk wrote

Antinatalism, Efilism and Promortalism would say its impossible to get rid of suffering so we might as well not exist, blow up earth and spare future generation from suffering. lol


greencycles t1_ir85ihx wrote

I'd never go to the extreme mephistophilian conclusion that "we might as well not exist." Beauty, love, truth, mystery, adventure, are all too magical to just permanently destroy.