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fencerman t1_it3av38 wrote

In those cases too, you still have to look at a deeper understanding of the conditions in those specific countries rather than a generalized "religion vs science" lens.

It's fair to link religion to authoritarian movements generally, but that's still a political issue more than a scientific one.


krussell25 t1_it633o2 wrote

I would say it is more cultural than political. While religion is used to control the masses in many areas, that would not explain the current uprisings against the religious leaders in Iran. In that specific case, the population is not quite so religious as advertised and the corruption/brutality of the government has brought unrest.

The USA is another interesting case. The religion embracing conservatives are willing to accept a leader who is by no means a moral Christian in the hopes of stopping the progressive changes the country has seen in the past 2 generations.