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Sprucecaboose2 t1_itw5kpp wrote

To be fair, and spoken as a Packers fan, my man Aaron is a professional quarterback. While he is no doubt well versed in football knowledge, and he might even be reasonably intelligent on a variety of issues, he is also not a philosopher, a epidemiologist, or a doctor. The fact that anyone, including the news media, was giving any credibility to Aaron's views about COVID is baffling. We shouldn't need reporting on random people's unscientific and incorrect views.


BMXTKD t1_itwdme1 wrote

As a Vikings fan, I'm chuckling


ADefiniteDescription OP t1_itx99q9 wrote

I would've posted this even if I weren't a Vikings fan, but it certainly doesn't hurt..


snuggie_ t1_itxv64n wrote

I’m a commanders fan over here. Going to be enjoying that one for awhile


BalderSion t1_itxuj5y wrote

I understand why Rodgers' opinion was reported on. It impacted whether the team was going to win, therefore it was sports news, and in parts of Wisconsin sports segments are more than half of the 5, 6, and 10 o'clock news reports.

What frustrated me was that no reporter asked the simple question, "What evidence would change your mind?". It's such a simple question to ask, and would completely reveal if he was engaging in honest skepticism or using the language of a skeptic as cover for an indefensible position.


Adventurous-Text-680 t1_ity42ru wrote

That's because it doesn't bring much to the table

Imagine this:

Rodgers: hi, I think people should get vaccinated, but I don't feel comfortable quite yet

Reporter: what would change your mind?

Rodgers: more testing and studies because I feel it went too fast and it might affect my athletic performance. Others are free to get the vaccine if they feel safe and everyone should have that choice. It shouldn't be mandated, but everyone should get it if they want to and feel safe. I don't feel the COVID is a large risk for my demographic based on the data. I don't bother people getting the vaccine or treat them differently. I am not sure why people are making a big deal about my choice and harassing me about it.

Reporter: Thanks back to in the studio.

The problem is the argument made by most were they were "afraid" of how it might impact them and felt COVID wasn't a large risk to them. Even though vaccines would help, people mentally did their gymnastics to say they didn't need them. You get it being mandated and it becomes an argument of choice. Naturally anyone given a choice but told you should do this need to do the opposite of authority to feel they are exerting choice and have some control in the matter. It's the reason why you kept hearing everyone including him telling people it's a choice and everyone who wants the vaccine should get it. They would also say things like "I think everyone should get the vaccine if they want to".

The whole problem is that reporters did ask questions like that and it results in it becoming about choice. It would turn into a harassment thing and why he played the victim because everyone bothered him to do something he didn't feel was necessary.

It's why it's impossible to really reason with such people because they can twist the narrative. We can see that the reasoning is obtuse but it don't matter because they feel satisfied with the reasoning and so do people that agree.


rich8n t1_itxnn8l wrote

>We shouldn't need reporting on random people's unscientific and incorrect view

People elected a silver-spoon baboon to the highest office in the land because he fake fired people on a faux-real-life game show. Stupid people will lend the trappings of authority to someone just because they are famous and recognizable and no other reason.


Kooshdoctor t1_itwhoy4 wrote

Agreed. You bring up an excellent point on media and coverage. How they spin it, discuss it, focus on it can change the way a lot of people view it. It's a shame we don't create an environment to openly discuss these things I honestly think there could be some positives from it but "cancel" and "woke" culture destroys everything. If people felt less attacked and judged maybe they'd be more open to talk about why they think or feel a certain way.


Nails_Bohr t1_ity07to wrote

You kind of undermine your own point by demonizing cancel and woke culture, because those are conservative terms used to attack and judge people who are asking to be treated like everyone else


Diztrakted t1_itx386c wrote

IDK, not that baffling in the context of American trends towards hero worship. Sad to say, I won't be surprised when the Republican party goes full Khmer Rougue against intellectuals.


rybacorn t1_itxu5bw wrote

News media. That's it. The people getting upset at the box in their living room have critical thinking problems if they allow it to make them mad at Aaron Rodgers, a football player, for something that is not football.