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WhittlingDan t1_iwm158d wrote

I think Jesus was probably a real person who preached and did good things. I think stories got added under his name. I don't believe he was resurrected and believe that was created to give the story real power. I say it jokingly but I really do mean it when I say I am a Jesus loving atheist. I would love to get a copy of the Jefferson Bible when I get some extra money.


schizboi t1_iwn01xh wrote

It seemed to me the whole point of the Bible was to not hoard wealth. I follow Jesus’s teachings, and believe the true corruption “or Satan” is the church itself. They worship the institution and use the word for personal gain. The true deceivers.

Jesus was just like, hey I’m god but also human but I’m also you and we are god and the Holy Spirit.

We are gods, mindfulness is enlightenment, distraction from self is sin.