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Thirdwhirly t1_iyx5vld wrote

This goes hand-in-hand with the illusion of explanatory depth (IOED) and it’s not entirely about being nefarious or ignorant. That said, they pose a great example about crazy shit happening in the 50’s and 60’s that makes it almost parallel to IOED, but they’re both ways of missing the point.

That said, anything that reminds me that IOED is a thing is good by me.


owlthatissuperb OP t1_iyxmzct wrote

I'd never heard of IOED! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it's related to Dunning-Kruger.


Thirdwhirly t1_iyxotum wrote

Totally! However, the way I’ve seen it described, generally, focuses on the the topic and not the person saying it. For example, Black Holes: it is hard to be an expert in this area, but there are so many ways to look at the topic of black holes that any single way is both 1) inadequate, and 2) could be made to sound complete.