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ktreddit t1_iz9dhmo wrote

I’m not sure why he doesn’t just say, everyone being selfish/greedy (highly prioritizing personal happiness over happiness of the community) is a problem. He does criticize narcissism, but I’m not sure why he’s couching any of this in terms of happiness in the first place.


uselessconcentration t1_izack36 wrote

Does he not say that? Would being more direct be beneficial? Topics this encompassing seem to require circumambulation.


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uselessconcentration t1_izariyk wrote

It seems that would turn the argument into merely a moral condemnation.

Differentiating a bad happiness as being a "happiness at the expense of others" seems to just put forth another tired scape goat on which some can happily rest their laurels.

My takeaway is that the issue is cultural right relation to happiness, which doesn't have such simple answers.