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Interesting-Notice58 t1_izyy77m wrote

What is your life philosophy? What is your everyday motivation to keep going? (sorry if this question is too broad i am new to this subreddit)


Important-Event-4898 t1_izzd780 wrote

I’d read some Eckart Tolle. His book “A new earth: awakening to your life’s purpose” is a thought provoking text that talks about how we should have a different purpose to “hedonism” or “power” and argues the importance of spirituality (I haven’t finished it and I am slightly skeptical but it’s pretty interesting)


Interesting-Notice58 t1_j016itb wrote

Thanks i will get right into it. I am currently reading Meditations by Markus Aurelius what are your thoughts on it? And/or stoicism as a whole?


Important-Event-4898 t1_j0wv526 wrote

I think stoicism a lot of value but is often misinterpreted by modern “sigmas” im not hugely educated on the topic tho. I personally try to be a virtuous person but I’m far from it with a long way to go. That aside I haven’t read Markus Aurelius this is just my surface level knowledge of the topic (which was discussed in a couple of classes that I didn’t really take notes in)


FriendofMolly t1_j0asiem wrote

Within this binding of ever changing but formless infinity if this is heaven then half of everything else is hell and vice versa so who am I to try to put this reality and myself within it “in its place”.

What is the state your at when your asleep but not dreaming. I just call that peace and nothing more. A space in time free from intent, memory, a place without context.

Yet not just that a state where you are at the bare minimum of existing.

And somehow that bare minimum is the embodiment of tranquility and bliss.

So much so that a person is at their most bitter the moments after being awoken from a really deep sleep.

Hence with me knowing that bliss is my underlying state why would I let the bleak “logistics” of the world of the “awake” take me away from what I attain every night and better yet why would I let those “logistics” blind me from that feelings while I’m awake also.