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CaseyTS t1_j03lkqs wrote

Similar response to someone else:

Yes, language changes naturally over time. If it is an intentional change on his part, I think it's a bad change.

What do we call our old version of "seriousness" now? Why change it, why lose it? Why tie up "closedmindedness", which we have a word for, with a related but totally distinct thing?

He's conflating two different things and using then using one of those two things to denounce the other. I do not abide that in an essay about openmindedness. He absolutely didn't have to choose a specific, different word.


sovietmcdavid t1_j03x8w1 wrote

Someone is downvoting you for simply asking why the author of the article needlessly tortures the meaning of a word. This sub is too serious... lol