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breadandbuttercreek t1_j0nswuo wrote

I live in a forest, if you observe forests you can see how they are co-operative rather than competitive systems. Co-operation allows better utilisation of resources, so that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Humans can't separate themselves from the natural world, we rely too much on the resources it provides. My local authority recently removed some mature trees to pave several acres for a carpark for a sports ground. They didn't see any problem doing that, the trees were in the way, but future generations will pay as the expanse of paving heats up the whole area.


cy13erpunk t1_j0qf3ai wrote

i would argue its less coop-vs-comp but more a synthesis of both of those processes , ie yin/yang are both at the same time opposing forces and intermingled and two sides of the same whole , duality/non-duality simultaneously

but yes i would definitely agree that a parking lot is a much worse utilization of space/ground than mature trees ; a good compromise would be to have a parking lot either build vertically to take up less ground space and/or incorporate a lot of trees/greenery into the structure itself ; and/or wind/solar generators if/or they could be integrated as well

it seems like these ideas will eventually be understood most everywhere , but we are at a rather painful transitionary period in our timeline where a vast majority of the human population does not understand our intimate and interwoven relationship with our world [ie they have been raised to see a difference/disconnection between man/nature when in reality there is none] , thus fueling the antagonistic approaches