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mcr1974 t1_j1x6oby wrote

Why would the fact that they are pre-determined not make them your own though?


GrymanOne t1_j1xvnbr wrote

Well, I did them, but did I have a choice? Again, if all actions are necessary, then I could have done no other than what I have done. What choice in the matter did I have? If not my own choice, was it my own action?

This is not to say that all actions are not caused. I think one could argue that indeed all actions are caused. But caused actions do not mean predetermined. Caused actions are not necessary, are they? But again, if all events are necessary, and all events are actions, and all actions are caused...


Jingle-man t1_j20q1t9 wrote

>If not my own choice, was it my own action?

Of course! Why wouldn't it be?