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the_grungydan t1_j1xghol wrote

Compatiblism always just smacks me of "but that (determinism) makes me uncomfortable so I'm going to contort my mind into a pretzel so I feel better again.


AConcernedCoder t1_j1y4o6i wrote

As someone trained in machine learning and compelled for years to really dive into the subject to try to figure out how it could even work at all, I find compatibilism to be the most reasonable position to agree with. While I still find myself having deterministic leanings, the opposition on that side usually seems much more motivated by other factors, enough that the interesting conversations must be taken elsewhere.


CryptoTrader1024 OP t1_j1yezsu wrote

in that case, you might like some of the other articles on that blog, since I also have an ML background and it has very interesting philosophical implications that pop up here and there.


the_grungydan t1_j1zjb5t wrote

Unrelated, but here's my favorite ML joke.

Scientist: If all of your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it too?

Machine Learning algorithm: Yes.