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YuGiOhippie t1_j1yxc99 wrote

All events are contingent.

Not necessary.

This is the shallows waters in which most people drown in determinism.


GrymanOne t1_j209ogw wrote

And yet I just had my Intro to Philosophy professor tell me that the very thesis of Determinism is: All events are necessary.


YuGiOhippie t1_j20rn7b wrote

Yup it’s a thesis.

But you should ask your professor the difference between necessary and contingent facts.


GrymanOne t1_j20s2a7 wrote

We did cover this.

>Observe that saying that event E is contingent is the same thing as saying that event E is “not necessary,” and saying that event E is necessary is the same thing as saying that event E is “not contingent.”
>So “necessary” and “contingent” are inter-definable. Be aware of that.

In his words, another way to write the thesis would be: No events are contingent.