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InTheEndEntropyWins t1_j1zee8x wrote

>You can be coerced by chemicals in your head, imbalances exist and can be adjusted to change things. You are coerced constantly by these chemicals you are not them

This makes zero sense to me. You are basically saying, "you" are being coerced by your brain. That you are not your brain.

What do you mean by "you" how are your defining it? How is any definition of "you" coherent if it doesn't include your brain the chemicals in it. How is any definition of "you" coherent if it treats the brain and chemicals as some external coercive influence.


tokmer t1_j1zgt52 wrote

No you are your brain. you are not your endocrine system, you are not psychedelics you consume, you are not an addiction you have. All of these thing effect your brain but they do not become it