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iiioiia t1_j21hxta wrote

>>> I’d argue this is more the result of capitalism Not science

>> I can agree with that, can you agree that: science is a pre-requisite to make it happen?

> Science is not a pre-requisite to capitalism.

Oh my.

> All work is in the capitalist system right now science included, but that’s not a fault of science.

Are harmful things that science contributed to the fault of science?

If capitalism can be guilty of things, why can science not be guilty of things?

> Science is as often stifled by capitalism as it is financed

Perhaps (you're welcome to show your work), but this is orthogonal to whether science causes harm.


YuGiOhippie t1_j21lkb5 wrote

Science is a method.

Capitalism is a system.

Any method used within a system is tinted by it.