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Impossible_Sir6196 t1_j24jn60 wrote

This is based on the false premise of duality. Life almost never presents a simple ‘this’ or ‘that’ option.

Very often this argument is used to justify morally reprehensible actions. However the ‘lesser’ evil often is far from the only other actual option.


Rethious t1_j285dyd wrote

Of course there are a plurality of approaches to any given situation. That does not mean dilemmas are useless for examining schools of philosophy.

As well, in reality, when faced with a situation, from the myriad of options, we tend to eliminate them until we are left with a dilemma.


Ok-Mine1268 t1_j27b6uk wrote

Isn’t that the whole story model of the Witcher? Omg you to have to choose but don’t worry either choice will result in some horrible outcome. See! Hahaha we got you!