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postart777 t1_j3wzrlg wrote

I too struggle with right-wing thoughts justifying and rewarding the behaviors of horrible people in order to make me amused for a few seconds. Help me philosophers!

edit: maybe we can also discuss how we prefer not to think of child slaves in diamond mines when proposing to each other in Disney World


Prineak t1_j3xbk0n wrote

You remember that time in high school when a group of guys do some horrible shit, but it’s really one charismatic guy raised by a narcissistic cycle of abuse seeking attention and a bunch of kids wanting to be liked by them?


thune123 t1_j3xl1oc wrote

Better throw out all your electronics. You wouldn't want to justify slave labor just so you can post on reddit to amuse yourself for 7 seconds.


jljboucher t1_j3zckxr wrote

You can hate the capitalism that forces you to have a phone in this day and age.


thune123 t1_j42osyx wrote

and you can hate the artist who makes art you enjoy...


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BernardJOrtcutt t1_j41q9uu wrote

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LSDkiller t1_j40l63m wrote

I didn't agree with the article, but aside from the example mentioned of johnny Depp, it wasn't referring to anyone in particular.


durntaur t1_j41fpup wrote

I don't see how you can make your first assertion and then go on to making your last assertion. The error in the last proves the first.


LSDkiller t1_j42oma2 wrote

I didn't express myself well. What I meant to say was that the article is meant to be about the concept of seperating the art from the artist. So while johnny Depp is mentioned, it's not JUST about him or JUST about Kanye west or whatever. This is quite a common phenomenon now I mean I can think of like 3-4 people off the top of my head that have done absolutely horrible things, but they have a corpus of respected work still, and I'm terrible with celebrities and famous names and such.


92taurusj t1_j419z79 wrote

Quick reminder, everyone, don't feed the trolls.